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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 

Tom Brevoort continues down the path of apologia

On his blog, he keeps responding with contempt to anyone who dares speak negatively about Islam. In this example, somebody writes:
Why do you continue to release a book that promotes a religion that prompted the kidnapping of innocent Nigerian schoolgirls? It makes me sick.
And he answers with a classic defense:
No religion did that.

Particular sick, fanatical individuals did that.

And those kinds of individuals come in all sorts of backgrounds, from every conceivable religion and race and region.
All without admitting that "individuals" have to get their beliefs from somewhere. Can he even name what other religions he thinks spawned these kind of monsters excepting Islam? Possibly the same poster followed up with:
"And those kinds of individuals come in all sorts of backgrounds, from every conceivable religion and race and region." Not from every religion Tom. When was the last time you heard of Jews, Christians, Buddhists, or Hindus doing these types of things? You can put your head in the sand if you want, but Islam is a religion of hate that uses deception and sympathy from the ignorant to continue its mission. Read the Quran and then let's talk.
And what does Brevoort say this time?
When was the last time I heard of Jews, Christians, Buddhists or Hindus doing these kinds of things?

Pick up any newspaper anywhere.
Well...well...well. He has really sunk to new lows. And then:
"Pick up any newspaper anywhere." Really Tom? Please tell where I can buy that paper that talks about these groups, other than Muslims, that kidnap school children to sell into slavery, engage in ocean pirating, engage in suicide bombing, blow up world trade centers and other buildings, and decapitate innocent people on television. Please Tom, show me that paper and I will stand corrected.
His only reply?
Next question.
That's all? Proof he's not interested in arguing logic. Now I've really lost respect for that awful man. His words are even hurtful to some of the Jewish comics contributors whose company he's been working for. He even said that Joe McCarthy was a demagogue, but truly, McCarthy was just a jerk, a onetime Democrat who'd taken his MO with him; if it hadn't been for his overbearing approach, the fight against communism could've been handled a lot better. The real demagogue, IMO, is Brevoort.

While we're on the subject, a woman wrote in to voice her disappointment at how Carol Danvers - the only true Ms. Marvel to many - is being handled:
As a woman I am far more embarrassed by everything related to the awful direction you've taken Carol Danvers in, from the ugly and generic costume to the rubbish boy scout junior feminist characterisation to the people who think it's anything other than an empowered-woman-by-committee. I was never "embarrassed" by her almost iconic costume, or the character that went along with it who quickly became one of my favorites & someone I genuinely looked up to. Now I am just embarrassed to look at her.
You know, I agree. The second costume designed in the late 70s - the black one with a light streak and a sash band at the waist - was excellent, far better than the disappointment that is the new costume drawn for her as a female Captain Marvel. In fact, she really should remain as Ms. Marvel or Warbird, and not have to be saddled with the PC lunacy that's taking place now. Sure, she'd been created as a female take on a role first played by a male protagonist, but she was still her own role, and what they're doing now is pointless.

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"Next question."

Translation: "You made me sound like a blithering, politically correct idiot."

"Next question." Is that response an option for everybody, or only for Chardonnay socialists like Brevoort?

Cop: "Is this your car?"
Car thief: "Next question."

Security guard: "Do you have a receipt for those items?"
Shoplifter: "Next question."

Teacher: "Billy, who was president of the US during the American Civil War?"
Student: "Next question."

OK, here's the thing: when Muslims commit terrorist acts, leftists stress that it was just those "particular, sick, fanatical individuals." Fine. I don't hold all Muslims responsible for 9-11 (or the Pan Am bombing, the TWA hijacking, the Achille Lauro hijacking, the Khobar Towers bombing, the Boston Marathon bombing, the hostage crisis at the 1972 Olympics...). I don't hold all Christians responsible for some extremist who blows up an abortion clinic.

But when you criticize terrorists, people like Brevoort accuse you of "Islamophobia." And they won't accept your explanation that you didn't say, "all Muslims," just Al Qaeda and Hamas (i.e., "particular individuals").

Similarly, if you criticize Obama (a "particular individual"), then you are a racist. If you criticize Hillary Clinton or Dianne Feinstein, then you must be a sexist. If you say that a "particular individual" mugger or carjacker should be sent to prison, then you are a racist. And so on.

It's a convoluted double standard: you can't criticize a religion that exhorts its followers to commit terrorist acts, or a culture that encourages criminal behavior. But you also can't criticize "particular individuals" without being accused of trying to persecute their entire race or religion.

After Brevoort wrote "Next Question," he answered "Answered" to a question mention a car bomb built by Christians in Dublin. Pathetic. American comic books were created mainly by Jews. And now one of the two big companies promotes a religion that wishes to eradicate them. Maybe if Brevoort actually did some research or read the Quaran, he'd see that it mirrors Boko Haram's beliefs.

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