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Friday, May 09, 2014 

What Culture ranks Frank Miller's products

And the UK magazine predictably decided to put Holy Terror at the bottom of the list of 19 or so stories he's written, in an obvious failure to appreciate the idea, any more than the finished product. They say that:
...the writing of Holy Terror descends into something more akin to a bigoted rant than an actual story.
Oh yeah, it's just like them to blurt straight off the bat that it's nothing more than some "bigoted" rant. Is that also what they think 9-11 Families who openly condemn Islamofascism are doing? Their weird little diatribe gets worse with the following paragraph:
It may not be as bad as seeing Batman punch out insurgents, but whatever the book amounts to is undeniably infuriating. Comics legends like Alan Moore and Grant Morrison – who had by turns lauded and cited as influence to earlier works by Miller – responded with outrage at the mere notion of Holy Terror, an outrage – not a polite disagreement between professionals, but actual anger – and it’s all something like the series could hope to fuel.
All those twosome managed to do was make it sound like they're against fighting crime and defeating violent criminals, and to lose my respect in the process. I guess if it's wrong for Batman to whack out "insurgents" then it's wrong for him to give the Joker - along with plenty of other violent thugs in Gotham - a smash to the face too, huh?

If they think the story itself isn't well crafted, that's one thing, but to say the idea of battling savages is reprehensible is only to deliver a whole slap in the face to what superhero comics are all about - fighting evil. If they don't like that, then maybe they shouldn't read any more superhero, fantasy or crime comics.

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Holy Terror is "bigoted?" No. It did what few comics have been willing to do: tackle radical Islamist terrorism. Yet another ignoramus who thinks that having a hero fight terrorism is "bigoted," but they probably had no objection to Cap going after the Tea party in 2010.

Was it "bigoted" in the early 1940's when Captain America (and Spy Smasher, Captain Midnight, Minute Man, Captain Marvel, the Shield, the Boy Commandos, et. al.) fought Nazi villains? Was it an "outrage" in the early 1960's when Captain America and Iron Man fought communist villains?

Times have changed. And not necessarily for the better.

And, yes, the ignoramuses who object to using Islamic terrorists as villains in a comic had no objection to Captain America going after the Tea Party in 2010. Or to Cap going after the Nixon administration in the Secret Empire arc in the 1970's.

For that matter, the champagne socialists like Moore and Morrison insist that not all Muslims are terrorists, but they seem to be OK with portraying all military veterans as whacked-out homicidal maniacs, all blue collar workers as illiterate morons, and all ruralites as inbred barbarians.

Maybe it would've done better if it wasn't written by someone who's not past his prime and still has some common sense (a quality sorely lacking on any side of the political spectrum)?

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