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Tuesday, June 10, 2014 

Ron Marz only sees what he wants to in the Las Vegas shooting

Marz is on his own anti-gun bias again following another horrible shooting that took place this time in Vegas. Here are his tweets:

Boy, he really buys into some of that news at face value, doesn't he? According to the LV Review-Journal (via AWR Hawkins at Breitbart), the two drug addicts had been booted from the Bundy ranch. The AP Wire/ABC News has more:
The married couple who police say killed three people in Las Vegas, including two officers, had been kicked off a ranch where anti-government protesters faced down federal agents earlier this year, rancher Cliven Bundy's son said Monday.

Ammon Bundy told The Associated Press that Jerad and Amanda Miller were asked to leave his father's ranch after being there for a few days this spring.

He said that while details were still sketchy, the Millers' conduct was the problem. He called the couple "very radical" and said they did not "align themselves" with the protest's main issues.

"Not very many people were asked to leave," he said. "I think they may have been the only ones."
The Daily Caller's said that from the reaction of the MSM, it seems as though they were hoping something like this would happen. Marz is risking the same error, and doing something almost like what they wanted to do with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer after that filth called Anders Breivik shot up a camp in Norway. But not only was Breivik kicked out of a SIOE forum after they noticed his behavior sounded sick and had neo-nazi ties, as he himself later made clear, he was influenced by al Qaeda. It should also be noted that the NYT took some of Bundy's statements out of context, and while I don't think he went about all of it correctly, Truth Revolt notes that some black residents of Nevada came to Bundy's defense, having determined he wasn't as bad as the MSM wanted to make him out to be. Assuming he didn't mean offense, however, that's why he should not give papers like the NYT any interviews and would do well to modify any mistakes he has made to avoid causing unnecessary embarrassment again.

It sure is strange why Marz is complaining about racism here, yet he sees nothing wrong with supporting somebody like Roger Waters from Pink Floyd. I remember reading Marz used to work as a sports writer for newspapers, and am wondering how somebody like that could possibly read Spider-Man's stories of yore and not think J. Jonah Jameson doesn't reflect what may be his positions as a journalist. The same could be said of a lot of people in journalism who also read comics: why don't they think Spidey's press adversary reflects their MO?

While we're on the subject, one of the most disturbing things about this case is that the crazy couple dressed like two Batman villains, the Joker and Harley Quinn. It's reminiscent of that time when a gunman who shot up a movie theater screening The Dark Knight Rises wore a Joker outfit (and he later converted to Islam in prison, something the major comics sites refused to cover). While it's not like other forms of fandom haven't been embarrassed by crackpots before, this is still very horrific, and publishers might do well to condemn monsters who abuse their products.

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The media are drooling over the Las Vegas tragedy. After years of mass murders by Obama-supporting registered Democrats and/or radical Muslims, there has finally been a shooting spree by right-wing nuts. That makes the score something like 10-1 for the past decade.

And Marz, like Chris Roberson, believes in collective guilt when it's a group that he dislikes. But, once again, can you even imagine the same comments about other groups?

After the ambush murders of NYPD officers by the Black Liberation Army in the 1970's:

"Well, gosh, it's so surprising that the people who murdered police in New York City were black militants."

Or, after the Fort Hood hospital rampage:

"Muslim? Check. Arab ethnicity? Check. Shouting 'Allahu Akbar'? Check."

Or, after the Boston Marathon bombing:

"Immigrants? Check. Welfare recipients? Check. Muslims? Check."


As it turns out, the killers were not even necessarily right-wingers. They may have been general anti-authority extremists with ties to the Occupy movement.

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