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Thursday, November 27, 2014 

A CBR writer's comments on the Ferguson case

Besides comic creators, here's also the blabbering of a CBR "reporter" named Brett White on his Twitter feed about the Ferguson affair.

So right off the bat, he hates the DA who oversaw the case in court. Yeah, tell us about it.

Is that supposed to be sarcasm? Refusal to believe that the jury could have people with brains? Maybe he should look at himself...

Oh, so he's downplaying Brown's robbery along with the assault he committed, is he? What a disgrace.

I guess he doesn't care that Brown assaulted Wilson and caused him an eye injury. And look who's talking about racism. Somebody who probably has no concerns about kooks using slurs like "cracker", and probably doesn't care when Asians are targeted by racism either. Interestingly, he also tweeted:

So he's mad at Obama? How come he didn't say so a few years earlier when he brought out his plans for healthcare? Or when he indicated he was fine with building a mosque at Ground Zero, all at the expense of 9-11 Families? Or when the Benghazi disaster took place?

No, but they certainly are guilty of fanning flames and distorting facts. They turn their backs on the atrocities of Hamas too and that's also serious. But if that's how White feels, then is he mad at Stan Lee for creating J. Jonah Jameson as a reflection of bad, cynical ethics in journalism?

It's worth noting that even reporters were assaulted by the very crowds they egged on, including the UK Independent's correspondent. For somebody who must consider himself a journalist, Whtie doesn't seem particularly concerned about his peers.

So does that mean he thinks Wilson deserved the eye injury he got from Brown? Does it also mean White thinks it's impossible for blacks to be racist towards whites, Latinos and Asians? And does he also think the incitement by Brown's stepfather  - who got criticized for what he yelled - was justified?

Tsk tsk. Does this mean he's okay with riots erupting at all? Poor Mr. White, he needs better education, I believe.

And I guess he doesn't believe Tzipporah, wife of Moses, was black, does he? What a disgraceful lunkhead Mr. White is, blaming easy targets like Christianity for all the bad that goes on in the world. At least it gives a clue what his standings are (presumably atheist), and sums up why we can't be surprised if he turns his back on what Christians in the middle east are suffering now. If these are the kind of people CBR's official staff employs, no wonder a campaign about ethics in journalism similar to Gamergate could be worth developing for comicdom too. Naturally, there'd need to be a rational, coherent base to build it up on, of course.

Yes, and it's dangerous to turn one's back to what blacks in Nigeria and north Africa are going through at the hands of Boko Haram. Have you protested the savagery of Boko Haram as loudly as you have what you think is racism in the USA, Mr. White? Have you ever protested anti-white racism, while we're on the topic? Does black racism against Asians worry you? Do anti-Israel sentiments at the Ferguson riots worry you?

Ever wondered if there's blacks out there who think the same way if they live in largely separate areas from whites and have no clear way of knowing how they experience life? It's certainly like that in some parts of China and Japan, where even the Ainu residents have no significant presence. There's Haredi clans like Satmar who practically want to live in segregation and rely on welfare, doing their constituents serious damage in the process. So don't try to suggest it's just rank-and-file white Americans practicing that. Besides, ever consider that some of them were forced to flee the big cities because of the crime running rampant?

I guess he's never encountered people with right-wing views either, has he?

In that case, Mr. White, please kindly listen to conservatives, ditto Christians. Indeed, why will you not listen to them, or to conservative followers of Jewish faith? Oh, and before you go around apologizing for Islam, read an official edition of the Koran to see what the verses are like. Why will you not question those?

A statement that would describe people like Mr. White perfectly.

Oh, really? It's not? Leave it to an NBC reporter to tell us the whole story, which they don't.

That's about as impressive as telling us it was just a tiny minority of cretins who committed rapes at Occupy Wall Street gatherings.

He obviously hasn't said a word about the violence by rioters.

I can see what he's trying to do here. Manipulate the scene so it sounds like just the police are the guilty party here. Yeah, keep going.

Challenging question: what's their exact political position? What's their take on Wilson and Brown, for that matter? If there's anybody out there defending Wilson, do they get air time? White remains ambiguous as always.

And White comes across as more of a moonbat and an apologist for a criminals than somebody who's truly worried about justice. And these are the kind of people sites like CBR think make for great employees. I think not. I think this is just why we must insist on better journalistic ethics among comics journalists, just like in the rest of the industrial world. White also fails to ponder that many Blacks have been victim of all this mindlessness, and if he can't object to rioting that leads to destruction, then he's only doing the black community far more harm than good as a result.

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Wasn't the whole "Tzipporah was black" myth debunked?

This is why nobody cares about the comics anymore- they're written for people like him.

Several African-American bystanders witnessed the shooting, and testified that Brown attacked Wilson. All were later harassed by the "protesters," who warned them to "keep your mouth shut."

One alleged witness, DeAndre Joshua, was found shot to death. It may have been a stray bullet during the riot, but it may have been because his testimony corroborated Wilson's. There is also a possibility that Joshua was not a witness, but that the killer mistook him for one.

The "hail of gunfire" that Brett White complains about apparently came from the "protesters," not the cops.

And Brown was not shot for "stealing cigars." He was shot because he attacked a cop. That is a tactic commonly used to make cops look bad. A traffic cop stops a speeder, the driver pulls a gun and aims at the cop, the cop shoots the gunman in self-defense, and then the media report, "A black motorist was shot by a white police officer after the officer stopped the motorist for a minor traffic violation."

Wilson was helping a sick baby at the same time that Brown was robbing a store and roughing up the clerk.

Brown attacked a cop, who shot him in self-defense. Number of White House staff members who attended Brown's funeral: 3.

General Harold Greene served in the US armed forces for 34 years. He was killed in action in Afghanistan. Number of White House staffers who attended his funeral: 0.

Speaking of serving in the military, the media have repeatedly called Brown a "youth," a "boy," and even a "child," but he was older than a lot of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who are currently serving on active duty.

If anyone should be indicted, it's CNN, MSNBC, and HLN, for inciting riots.

If White really lived in Tennessee and never interacted with non-whites, sounds like he's the one with racist issues.

I grew up in Tennessee. It's impossible to live anywhere except in a Nashville gated community (or a compound in the Smokies, maybe) and not interact with blacks.

Crazy is as crazy does, Brett. If you voted Democrat, you get what you deserve with these clowns, and you'll vote for their like again in a couple of years. Shut up and enjoy your utopia.

"Brett Whitechristmas" says that if you support Officer Wilson and you don't consider yourself a racist, than you are doing "mental gymnastics."

White's attitude is, "Wilson is white, therefore it automatically follows that he's guilty. Brown was black, therefore he must be an innocent victim. Nothing else could possibly be relevant."

That is, White makes assumptions without evidence, and judges people according to their race, and he thinks that everyone else does, too. He can't accept the possibility that other people might be able to examine evidence objectively and reach a fair, unbiased conclusion.

Blogs by Massad Ayoob and Mike McDaniel explain the issues involved in this case, including the FAQ's like why did the cop have to shoot an unarmed person, why didn't the cop use a Taser or tear gas, and so on. That is, if you actually want to understand the facts in the case.

Of course, people who consider themselves "liberal," "progressive," and "free thinkers" have already made up their minds, and are uninterested in facts.

BTW, I looked up the definitions of "liberal," "progressive," and "racist." The first two do not mean, "Someone who makes assumptions without evidence," or "A person who accuses anyone who disagrees with him about anything of being a racist."

And "racist" does NOT mean, "Someone who forms opinions about individuals based, case-by-case, on each person's behavior, without regard for race." And it also does not mean, "A person who wants to know all of the facts about a given subject before forming an opinion about it."

Brett White is without a doubt the worst comics columnist at the moment. Every one of his columns sounds like it was written by a weak spoiled crybaby who doesn't understand how reality works.

I don't even totally disagree with him on some issues, and I don't support Officer Wilson (sorry, guys), but White's babyish logic and shrill self-righteousness is definitely at work in many of these goofy tweets of his.

You don't have to support Wilson, anon -- just his constitutional right to a fair hearing based on the principle of "innocent until proven guilty."

White complains that "McCulloch came across more like defense than prosecution."

I don't doubt that Angela Corey (or Mike Nifong, or David Rozema, or Janet Reno) would have manipulated the situation, and would have only allowed the grand jury to see evidence that favored an indictment. Or else they would have bypassed the grand jury and indicted the defendant on an "offer of information." (Those pesky grand juries might recognize a justifiable shooting when they see one.)

But any investigation, including a grand jury hearing, should be a search for the truth. All relevant evidence should be examined.

A district attorney/county attorney/state's attorney should be as concerned with exonerating the innocent as well as prosecuting the guilty. McCulloch deserves praise, not criticism, for allowing exculpatory evidence to be included.

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