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Wednesday, November 26, 2014 

A roundup of comic creators' reactions to the Ferguson verdict

Now, here's some more tweets by would-be comics pros responding to the decision not to prosecute Darren Wilson for acting in self-defense. For example, one by Dan Slott:

Hope that includes terrible people like Louis Farrakhan, who's attacked Asians, Indians, whites, and speaking of the latter, he's also attacked Arabs! Or maybe Slott doesn't have enough faith in his words to recognize that Farrakhan is a bad lot? Next come a few by Gail Simone:

I don't see how anybody believing in rationale could be okay with the negative impression some members of the black community have given, that every time a decision is made they don't like, they riot, in sharp contrast to Asians and Latinos who don't.

Who's "we"? The left or the right? Or does she mean the media? Please be more specific.

Out of curiosity, would she care whether Wilson and other whites who fell victim to attacks by blacks in the wake of this affair get spotlighted? Speaking of which, why doesn't she watch Wilson's ABC interview and judge by personal character? Next is Daniel Kalban:

Maybe he should see some of the reports I linked to earlier to understand why it's completely the opposite of what he's saying.

And I guess we should ban racial profiling at airports too, no matter how effective it is in combatting jihadism. If you don't know what a criminal looks like, you won't know how to find him/her, or be on the lookout. In Israel, the airport authorities use profiling, and it comes in very effective.

I think leftists like Kalban are appalling. They see nothing wrong with robbing/burning stores, presumably if it's a minority group member doing it, and do everything they can to make life potentially more dangerous for the real victims. Nor do they seem particularly concerned about blacks who lost businesses to all the violence. Next, there's one by Kelly Sue deConnick:

Why? Hasn't he suffered enough already? Next, another by Gene Ha:

But what side is Mr. Ha taking here? If he's siding with distortions, then I see no point to his posting.

Yes, but so do white lives, and those of Latinos and Asians too. In fact, so do leftists! Have any of these so-called pundits seen the news about Chris Schaefer, a leftist college student who was assaulted by the very black protestors he was supporting? He took their side, yet it made zero difference to them.

Oh, and if she really thinks Black lives matter, does she feel the same way about the lives of Black girls who were kidnapped and raped by Boko Haram in Nigeria? Can't say I've ever heard her voice any worries there. If there's no concern for the lives of Blacks in Africa, how can we believe people like her are really concerned about Blacks in the USA?

Certainly not leftists like him who're only furthering said sins.

In other words, he made up his mind where he stood from the start.

Translation: Darren Wilson was guilty in his mind from the start too.

Trouble is, if Capullo's attitude says anything, he has zero interest in researching any of the facts. That he won't look at a single conservative website's data is already clear. But it's also clear he has no interest in looking at liberal mainstream sites that give better facts than he is.

And that's because he relies on the same old lefty stuff, if he relies on anything at all.

The problem is he won't offer up any effective counterarguments, or link to what he thinks are the best news sources.

And if there was he'd come to the same conclusion he did when the jury decided not to approve an official indictment.

Yep, because only a conservative could possibly be a racist. In the mind of Zircher, every right-winger is Ron Paul. I think the GOP made a grave mistake to let people like him leech onto the party. I hope his son Rand is better and avoids the errors the "crazy uncle in the attic" made in his undeserved career. (Update: he erased that tweet? He probably got slammed by other people for going overboard.)

And who would the people he describes with a vulgarity happen to be? Please specify, sir.

Oh, he'd be negative to the max if they used tasers too, so that complaint falls flat.

If the gangs are acting barbarically with heavy weapons, it's inevitable that the police might have to use firearms to defend themselves.

Why doesn't he rant about how the mainstream press is fanning the flames of division, and villifying self-defense? And what, is Gaiman saying the USA isn't his country, even though he lives there today? Well gee, in that case, why doesn't he just go back to the UK where he originally came from? Europe is already developing more than enough of its own problems with Islamofascism, so maybe he'd be better off coping with what they have to offer instead. Gaiman too is as pretentious as they come.

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I find it interesting how these days a man can be called a "protester" as he's burning down a building, robbing a liquor store, or bashing a McDonalds window into a thousand pieces with a baseball bat.

For that matter, Muslims attacking a US installation with rocket launchers and machine guns (and killing four Americans) are "protesters," while a rancher who gets into a dispute with the government over grazing fees (a dispute in which no one is killed or injured) is a "terrorist."

Dude, that Boko Haram thing was, like, you know, six months ago. The "#Free Our Girls" fad has passed. So now we're doing, like, justice for somebody named Michael Brown, whoever that is. And a few months from now, we'll forget all about him and campaign for, like, you know, whatever is the next trendy cause.

Simone: "Why are the protesters and the victims' always under the microscope? Why not the perpetrators?" WTF? Wilson and the police department have been "under the microscope" ever since this mess started. The "victim's" parents and the "protesters" (i.e., rioters) have been portrayed as saintly martyrs by the media. The same thing happened with Trayvon Martin and his parents.

And, if Brown had killed Wilson, and the case against him got dismissed for lack of evidence, would she still refer to him as a "perpetrator"?

Kaliban: "Fear, hate, bigotry, and police corruption won." If he wants to talk about bigotry, how about assuming a person is guilty without knowing all of the facts?

Kaliban: "Urge Justice Dept. to ban racial profiling by law enforcement." There is no evidence of racial profiling in this case. Brown was jaywalking when the officer stopped him. Then the cop noticed that Brown fit the description of the suspect in a robbery (and, as it turns out, Brown was the robber). When the cop called for backup, Brown attacked him.

Kelly Sue DeConnick: "Can a civil case be brought against Wilson?" Yes. But the family will probably sue the city instead, because the city has deeper pockets.

Capullo: "Lots of guilty people go free." Sometimes. But, in a trial, the prosecution has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In a grand jury hearing, the bar is much lower. If a grand jury does not indict, it means not only was there room for a reasonable doubt, but that there was not even enough evidence to justify a trial.

Capullo: "There should have been a trial." If there was not enough evidence to indict, then there was obviously not enough evidence to convict, so a fair trial would have acquitted the cop. Then Capullo, Kaliban, et al would have been whining about the trial verdict, just as they are now whining about the grand jury decision.

Zircher asks why Wilson didn't use a Taser, and also says that police should use rubber bullets, "with a switch to real ones IF necessary." Right. Is the cop supposed to ask his assailant to wait while the cop removes the rubber bullets from the weapon and replaces them with live ammunition?

Mike McDaniel's article at The Truth About Guns.com (Aug. 28, 2014) debunks the myths about "non-lethal" weapons like Tasers and rubber bullets.

If Wilson had used a non-lethal weapon (stun gun, pepper spray, billy club) would the protesters be satisfied that he used the appropriate amount of force? And if the officer had been tried and acquitted, would they accept the possibility that an impartial jury had rendered a fair verdict?

In the early 1990's, four LAPD cops were tried for beating Rodney King on the arms and shoulders with lightweight aluminum batons. (After he attacked one of the cops, and after a Taser failed to stop him.) The cops' acquittal triggered a riot.

In 1965, there were riots in Los Angeles after a black motorist was allegedly beaten up by California Highway Patrol officers. (It turned out the rumor was false; the drunk driver did not resist arrest, and the CHP cops did not use any force to restrain him.)

Rioters gonna riot, no matter what. And limousine liberals gonna make excuses for them, no matter what.

The Social Justice Warriors have already made up their minds, and they have no intention of being confused by facts.

G. Willow Wilson converted to Islam, so I guess she doesn't believe that #JewishLivesMatter.

Remember too: "Progressives" supposedly believe in SCIENCE. You know, like the "settled" science of global warming, er, um, climate change for which ANY skepticism is absolute and complete HERESY.

Oh, but all the SCIENTIFIC evidence that only -- ONLY -- the grand jury was privy to ... well that doesn't mean a blessed thing, especially when it comes to deeply ingrained dogma.

Wait, Ron Marz said that this article is racist? I do not see the naked racism he was tweeting about. I guess anything he does not agree with is now racist.

Ron Marz grow up.

Blood trail behind body=he was coming back at Wilson. Blood inside car=he was reaching in there. You can only be a racist, idiot, or willfully ignorant if you don't look at basic facts.

Mike Brown's own inhumane behavior got him killed.

It's a sign of the times (and of convoluted Leftist "logic") that "#BlackLivesMatter" (i.e., the lives of members of a favored group matter more than others) is politically correct and socially acceptable, but saying, "All Lives Matter" is considered "racist."

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