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Monday, November 17, 2014 

James Robinson sees nothing wrong with cannabis

CBR interviewed the overrated Robinson about his work for Marvel (and this is a fuller version of one they quoted briefly from a month or so ago), plus the Fantastic Four that's now coming to a close with no certainty it'll ever be revived. When asked about the end of FF, he says:
On whether or not "Fantastic Four" is coming to an end: Yes. This is what I will say, is that when I started this book there were some people that were open to it, but there was a lot of negativity. Because I heard "Oh god James Robinson is going to do this dark depressing Fantastic Four book. Who cares, that's not what we want. And I think I surprised everybody in that the book is still, I think, a pretty good Fantastic Four book. It has all those elements we like about the book.

There's definitely been a ground swell of people that have gone "Oh you know, this is actually a good book." Leonard Kirk's artwork is wonderful. A the end of the day, nobody that likes the Fantastic Four will have a bad taste in their mouth. That's all I can say. I'm not going to let anybody down. I'm not going to leave this book on a bad note. I love these characters.
I'd say he should just stow it; we've heard it all before. He's obscuring the bigger problems, like the book's tie-ins with the Original Sin crossover, and that was pretty depressing alright, if the weird retcon to the Hulk and Iron Man's backgrounds means something. Robinson's already left a bad taste in everybody's mouth, long ago, in the pages of Starman, IMO, recalling the character deaths it was built on. I used to own a copy of the 1st paperback, and sold it off some time ago. Rereading it years after I originally bought it, I concluded it wasn't what Robinson and company would like everyone to think it was. And why must Ted Knight die a pyrrhic victory at the end, along with the Mist? I don't think that was called for either.

Now, here's the part where Robinson speaks positively about a certain awful plant:
On taking ownership for ones faults, finding inner strengths to deal with personal issues: Positivity. Strength of mind. Strength of body. I go to the gym again much more than I did. I lost 30 pounds. The weight—you don't even have to try, the weight just falls off when you quit booze. And just the focus. I personally don't see anything wrong with smoking pot. I think it's a natural product. I don't think it's any more harmful than too much coffee or taking Valium. Personally the lack of clarity that I feel—I'm not tempted to try anything else as a surrogate for alcohol. I enjoy having focus and direction and feeling good about life. The only thing—I was told by another comic professional who is also not drinking, that when you quit you will develop a new addiction, whether it be trainspotting, or martial arts, bird watching, or going to Nascar. For me, I've had some vinyl before, you know this from Facebook too, I had some vinyl before, but now I'm a vinyl maniac. You know what, I play all day. It isn't like when you collect books. If you go to the bookstore and buy ten books, you'll end up reading three of them. And you always intend to read the others, but then you'll go to the bookstore again and buy another ten books. It's a lot of books that don't get read. Vinyl you play it all, you listen to it all. It enriches you while you're working. So it's been a very positive thing for me.
The vinyl nonsense sounds pretty unappealing already, but more galling is his hypocritical take on cannabis (pot/marijuana). So gulping alcohol like whiskey is bad, but smoking/eating cannabis is okay? Some studies have shown it's a got an almost hypnotic effect, making me want to dub it "the drug of deception". It also increases the risk of various infections, and I wouldn't want my lungs to get sick from that junk.

It's clear something's wrong with Robinson, and might explain why he never made it as a screenwriter several years back. I pity the man, who doesn't seem particularly worried somebody out there will come away with a very disillusioned view of such a decidedly pretentious scriptwriter. Someday, people will see him as the phony he is, and realize his whole approach to Starman wasn't what true DCU-lovers ever needed.

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