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Monday, January 05, 2015 

Gerry Conway's comments on NYPD

Here's what veteran Conway has to say about the NYPD, and he too is being pretty biased.

DeBlasio's squandered respect for himself via his own poor conduct, right down to his support for communists.

I'm concluding that Conway is a modern embarrassment if this is all he can say, and isn't worried whether less work by police will make things worse. A real shame a guy who used to turn out decent fare for nearly 25 years in comics is now reducing himself to this level.

Now, here's a tweet he wrote with two replies by two different people from opposite ends of the spectrum. First:

So, let's see if I understand the weird logic Busiek is going by. He's saying the police interfere in the lives of everyone, no matter whether they're guilty or innocent?!? What, is he saying keeping the neighborhood safe from vermin has no importance? And he can only think of taking swipes at conservatives. Now, here's the other one:

Yep, there's other conservatives out there who want Conway to know they're very upset with him. Naturally, it is strange how a guy who created the Punisher 4 decades ago takes a stand that could be construed as more sympathetic to criminals. One could end up wondering if Conway regrets creating Frank Castle now, and harbors satisfaction with the Marvel staffers who've been dumbing down Frank since the turn of the century. The writers who really handled Frank well were almost all conservative leaning, like Mike Baron, Chuck Dixon and Carl Potts. I'm sure there were a few liberals who'd worked on Frank too back at their time, but even they did a better job than what writers like Garth Ennis have done since he took up the reins in 2002.

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Actually, when the Punisher was first created, he was more of a villain (although one with an understandable motivation) than a hero. He fought Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Captain America. Later, when Marvel wanted to jump on the bandwagon for action heroes like Rambo and Mad Max, the Punisher was brought back as a hero in his own self-titled series.

And the character is really just an obvious swipe from a paperback book series, "The Executioner," by Don Pendleton.

Leftists continue to demand absolute obsequiousness and fawning for de Blasio and Obama. Because, of course, the leftists never showed any disrespect toward Reagan, Bush, Quayle, or Palin. ;)

"And conservatives applaud the prospect of less government intrusion into American lives, right? No, wait..."

Local police arrest criminals and ticket reckless drivers, thus making society safer. That is not "intrusion." Leftists condemn the police for arresting muggers, or for shooting back at bank robbers. But they are OK with the FBI burning down a house with unarmed women and children inside it, or shooting an unarmed woman holding a baby in her arms. Thugs' lives matter. Innocents' lives don't.

And a work slowdown, or even an outright strike, by police would serve this country right. We would see if Conway or Busiek still felt sorry for "unarmed black men" when a gang of 15-20 of them, playing the knockout game, surrounded him and beat him to death.

Oh gosh. Conway links to the Times and Gawker. Well, he sold me!

Ger is just an old-time lefty whose time has long passed him by. Busiek, OTOH, has really seemed to lose it of late. Maybe that's because his heyday is long in the past and he doesn't feel compelled to "hold it in" much anymore, so to speak.

Leftists condone rioting, looting, assault, obstruction of traffic, and arson by anti-cop "protesters." Then they complain about a peaceful, non-violent gesture by the NYPD.

Leftists demand respect for de Blasio and Obama. But they don't understand that respect has to be earned.

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