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Tuesday, January 13, 2015 

Kurt Busiek thinks extremism cannot combine with religion

Busiek continues to give signs he can't come to terms with reality, following the bloodbath in France. Here's a line of tweets he wrote that make me feel depressed:

First, I'm sorry to hear that happened. But extremism comes in many forms, including religion. I'm even willing to add that Satmar fanatics have resorted to extremism in the past, and taken up an offensive distortion of the Torah/Bible. And it sounds like Busiek's leftist side is getting the better of him on this issue too, leading him to try and divert attention from the hard issues, which no sane European will be happy to learn he's doing.

What's the point of saying that if he hasn't researched the Koran, or has no interest in doing so? Still, since we're on the subject, what does he think of the Koran/Hadith's prescriptive support for underaged child marriage? Come to think of it, what's his take on apostates from Islam? Does he honor their views, or, does he harbor a low opinion of them?

Here's where he falls short. Religion comes in two forms: there is either a good one, or a bad one. There's even bad interpretations of good religions, and I consider the Satmar's take on Judaism to be a very distasteful one, that's led to a lot of ruined brains. IMHO, what Joel Teitelbaum led to is like psychological child abuse, and communities like theirs have also been plagued with a lot of the physical type as well.

Scientology is another religion I would put in the category of bad, because of its closed door mentality and the abusive methods used by its leaders and followers. I guess if there's no distinctions between any religions, then there's none for Scientology in his mind either.

That's definitely a matter of opinion, I'm afraid. The saying goes that while there are moderate Muslims, there's no moderate Islam. And not a single western society who've let Muslims into their country has come away unscathed.

That's what he says, but does reality agree? He fails to comprehend the concept of taqqiya (deception) in Islam, which is employed by many Muslims who won't admit what's wrong with their religion or that it has disturbing verses in their scriptures.

In that case, does he admit there's extremism on the left side of the spectrum too? Is he willing to come to terms with how the Nazis were actually leftists? One of the biggest problems with various leftists today is that they cannot come to terms with how the National Socialists - the full name for nazis - were leftists in reality, and socialism is an ideology exclusively associated with the left, ditto communists.

In that case, is he willing to acknowledge that leftists have their share of extremism, even dating back so far as the Democrats who condoned slavery in the 19th century?

That's a pretty ambiguous reply alright. I guess he's saying - selectively or otherwise - that it's impossible for extremism to stem from religion, or for a specific religion to be built on extremist conceptions. Where I come from, that's called putting one's head in the sand.

Busiek is one comics tweeter whom I haven't seen using the hashtags "JeSuisCharlie", "JeSuisJuif" and "CharlieHebdo". Does that mean he takes the same position as Al Jazeera, who've technically said they're not Charlie? One sure thing, he's become a major disappointment.

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Obama insists that terrorists who call themselves "Islamic" are not really Muslims. The prime minister of Great Britain and the president of France condemn some nebulous concept of "extremism" without specifically mentioning Islam. The chancellor of Germany urges "tolerance," and talks as if she's more worried about "hatred" against Muslims than about Islamic terrorism.

Busiek is in denial, but he's no worse than our so-called "world leaders."

Just because you don't say IAmCharlie doesn't mean you're in favor of Muslims. I would never do it, as they hate everything I care for. No, I'm not a supporter of the universal 'right' to curse God or publish pornography.

A little bit off topic, but Marvel keeps promoting its leftist ideals with the newest Deadpool anti-fracking book.

Muslim terrorists are not extremists, by the standards of their religion. They are the mainstream of Islam.

Jihadists can cite, in the original context, and without alteration or omission, specific passages in the Koran that call for killing "infidels" and "unbelievers" (i.e., anyone who is not a Muslim).

There are moderate Muslims who do not approve of terrorism. There are people, who consider themselves Christians, committing hate crimes (e.g., murdering homosexuals). And both groups are out of touch with the basic tenets of their religions.

In reply to the third comment, they also had Sarah SIlverman (the abortion lover) "guest star" in the issue.

Any comments on religions with more than one god?

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