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Saturday, January 24, 2015 

Marz actually cares about James Hudnall

The artist Norm Breyfogle, who drew Batman for several years in past decades, recently fell ill and needed medical aid. Marz was willing to ask people to help him out. Besides Breyfogle, Hudnall, who wrote a few comics like Alpha Flight in the 1980s and also supports conservative politics, has also had to get an operation, and wouldn't you know it, Marz is willing to put aside his disagreements and ask people to help him too, though he admits he doesn't like Hudnall's politics:

How about that, this is a not very common instance where Marz is willing to support a right-winger. I once spoke to Hudnall briefly by email a decade ago, and he's a fine fellow, so I guess we should be glad Marz was able to use some common sense here. I'm very sorry to learn Hudnall had to experience such a terrible loss because of an infection, and wish him a safe recovery.

As for Marz, while his respect for Hudnall at a time of need is admirable, I still wonder why he can't offer the same for rank-and-file righties to boot, or even some politicians/commentators. He continues his show of contempt with the following:

Yeah, that's all we need, some kind of moral equivalence, I guess. Obama's disappointments in his SOTU address include an announcement he'd be willing to veto sanctions against Iran, and raising taxes again, in another harkening back to his "wealth redistribution" proposal. We could all do without those kind of weak policies.

Umm, periods don't always have to go inside quotations. If you're just quoting a simple line without an official endpoint, then it could be done that way.

So there's another one of Marz's ridiculous jabs at right-wing politicians we could all do without.

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Leftists say, "We're all in this together," but they want one group (taxpayers) to do all the work and make all the sacrifices, while another group (welfare recipients) gets all the benefits without having to do any work.

As for "I've got mine, you're on your own," our president takes one vacation after another, and plays golf while our troops are risking their lives, and while millions of Americans have lost their jobs and their health insurance.

And, sooner or later, everyone misspells or mispronounces a word, or uses the wrong punctuation, or uses a word in the wrong context. Democrats nit-picking over "your" vs. "you're" might consider some of their Dear Leader's gaffes:

He said that the US built the "inter-continental railroad."

He referred to a Navy paramedic as a "corpse man." ("Corpsman" is pronounced "core man.")

He listed Charleston, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida among cities on the Gulf Coast. (They are all on the Atlantic Coast.)

He mentioned having visited "all 57 states." (The USA has 50 states. Islam has 57.)

He mentioned not knowing "Austrian" for a particular phrase. (There is no "Austrian" language. The national language of Austria is German.)

He said that ISIS was just the "junior varsity team," and he ridiculed the idea that Russia might re-emerge as a major world power. Ask people in Iraq and Ukraine if they agree.

And in an interview in 2008, he said that he knew more about speech-making than his speech writers, more about politics than his political advisers, and more about policy than his policy director. Yet he didn't know a thing about the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, Benghazi, or Fast & Furious until he saw it on CNN after the fact.

And his fans (zombies) cling to their mantra that he is "the smartest guy on the planet."

Now leftist Gerry Conway is quoting and linking criticisms of American Sniper on his Twitter despite the fact that his most famous character, The Punisher, is given homage multiple times in said movie. Chris Kyle also stated in his book that his team called themselves the Punishers.

Conway is just mad that he did not get any money from the punisher connection.

Or he is just that stupid.

I found Conway's tweets. I'll try to write a topic about them in the coming days.

Maybe I'll get get screamed at for being a sissyliberal (I am by no means), but I'm not too comfortable with people in the military sporting Punisher logos, ironically or otherwise. There's plenty of martial symbolism to choose from without going along those lines.

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