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Wednesday, January 14, 2015 

Simone makes awful jokes about Fox

Gail Simone's posted a couple tweets that I assume were a reaction to an awkward comment by Steve Emerson, an otherwise pretty talented expert on terrorism, on the Fox channel:

If she ever had a sense of humor before, she's trashed it with these uninformative scrap piles. She can't even name who was on the program she watched? Why not? What's really funny is why she'd even watch Fox if she doesn't like them. But since we're on the subject, Breitbart's explained more clearly what goes on in Britain:
...while many in the mainstream media are forbidden from reporting on such issues, for fear of being labeled an “Islamophobe” or “racist,” Breitbart London has reported extensively on the continuing Islamic radicalization of Birmingham.

Birmingham, where 22 percent of its population follows Islam, represents almost five times higher than the 4.8 percent national average. Additionally, a 2011 census found that Birmingham had more Muslims enrolled in schools than Christians.

[...] A report released in June by the U.K. Education office (Ofsted) found that five state schools in Birmingham had attempted to impose an Islamic, “narrow faith-based ideology.” Ofsted found that Islamic schools countrywide were promoting stoning, lashing, and loving “death more than life.”

[...] While Cameron has been “choking on his porridge,” Birmingham and the entire U.K. has continued its slide towards radicalization. On Cameron’s watch, those who have carried out the barbaric act of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) have never been prosecuted; Islamic radicals are free to stay, while freedom fighters are denied entry; and the proliferation of Sharia courts and push for full Sharia law continues.
This is what ignoramuses like Simone are turning their backs to, and shamefully exploit somebody's sloppy wording for nothing more than shunning their warnings entirely, when what Emerson really meant is that several neighborhoods in Birmingham are enclaves. It's certainly like that in the London borough of Tower Hamlets. She probably doesn't admire the Greek tale of Cassandra either. Someone even had the mendacity to publish this pathetic photoshop in response to her tweets:

It may have been on O'Reilly's program, but that joke sure falls flat. Would she have made the same sarcastic comments if this took place on CNN or NBC?

If that's meant to be an insult to VanSusteren, it flops badly too. Oddly enough, she later said:

And if that's meant to be a show of disapproval for Obama's disastrous run as president, she's making the case several years too late. If he were running again today, she'd vote for him again instantly, because having a liberal president is far more important than the platform he's running on per se. I even found some earlier tweets she wrote, where she said:

Didn't Osama bin Laden make it clear back in 2001? I suppose Simone also thinks a fine fellow like Will Eisner is BS? She also wrote a tweet, possibly reacting to one where Jim Treacher mentioned me, where she must've been enraged he would dare be critical. Combined with a Daniel Kalban tweet:

Man, after reading this, I'd say she really qualifies for the category of seperate-art-from-artist, ditto Kalban.

Simone is another writer whom I haven't seen using the JeSuisCharlie hashtags on Twitter, suggesting any support she has for France at an awful time like this is phony. After this kind of display, I can't feel sorry she lost her job writing Birds of Prey. I do recall she used to post on the Dixonverse forum until a few years ago, and then she left, apparently falling out of favor with other people there. If she doesn't care about women and gays persecuted under Islam, then any claim she makes that she cares about advancing women in comics falls flat. According to this study, women have been losing ground in Hollywood, and even in mainstream comics, they've had little success, because of the closed door mentality now engulfing the staffs. This is partly because of a failure to speak unambiguously about the problems, which include stories with sexist structures. If Simone can't complain clearly, then she has no business gushing to the press that things are looking up, when in fact, they're not.

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