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Sunday, February 01, 2015 

Dan Slott laments showbiz scandals, but has no problem with trolling

Slott's become one of the few writers to address some scandalous issues involving onetime celebrities, even as he acts in a way that renders his statements on Hollyweird unconvincing:

My, what an odd little juxtaposition we have here, where he fits Orson Scott Card in with Cosby and Polanski, the two here who are really guilty. As for Allen, it's possible he too was guilty of the offense from the early 90s, though the allegations were never definitively proven. But, he's still had his moments of being an embarrassment, and I think he was once chummy with Cosby.

And once again, Slott sure can prompt sighs of disbelief at how and why a guy writing ludicrous, sexist fanfiction in Spider-Man complains about erstwhile celebrities who've committed sex offenses, yet never has a complaint to offer about similar problems in the comics medium. And shortly after writing that tweet, he trolled against a lady blogger:
Tsk tsk tsk. Making such a fuss over what people are saying about entertainment products to the point of harassing them? Very, very low. For somebody who says he feels weird about what movies and TV programs he can still like, he sure doesn't feel weird about trolling. And the way he lumps Orson Scott Card in with the other 3 is laughable. Card's objections to homosexual lifestyles are peanuts compared to the physical/sexual assaults committed by the other three performers. He could've used that space within the 140 character limit to cite 7th Heaven, since what Stephen Collins did is easily worse, because he attacked young children (and then blamed women for his actions), whereas Cosby attacked mainly adults, and while a grownup woman usually isn't as strong as a man, they're still more capable of defending themselves and putting up a fight than a child can. What Collins did is just as repellent as Polanski's own crime. But I guess Slott didn't see fit to cite that as an example because he's not so into that kind of family drama, even though there was one episode he'd probably like based on its PC apologia. Personally, I never cared for such dramas, and wasn't even watching much TV at the time 7th Heaven first aired. But Cosby was a big part of my life growing up (and my parents both attended the same university as he did, Temple), was once widely admired back on the Philly turf, and me and the family enjoyed watching The Cosby Show for many years, and listened to a few of his albums too. That's why the news of his history of sexual assaults hit us very hard. Reality lifted a heavy hand, and now we have to accept that a once fine legacy has been effectively destroyed, by Cosby himself.

And back to Slott, he must be trying to do damage control now by bringing up the Gamergate campaign, but sure isn't helping by cursing at Kentucky Fried Chicken:

Not sure what's so wrong with KFC that he'd lose his brains with that cuss word. He'd probably be surprised to learn that there's leftists out there who support the campaign too. Most of his fellow leftists may have quietly dropped any comment because of that. This website thought one of the "victims" was faking threats for sake of cashing in on her so-called crusade, and if so, then Slott picked a very cheap source to side with, when here, he could be speaking out for the victims of Boko Haram. In the minds of people like him, only the easy issues count.

Update: since we're on the subject, Ron Marz has also become another in the handful to say anything about Cosby:

Now he admits disappointment and discouragement with Cosby. But so long as he has no problem with people like Roger Waters or Brad Meltzer, his statement means very little.

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Slott whines about deadlines, but evidently he has spare time to troll social media.

She didn't even tag him. He actively sought out someone to harass.

He did the same crap with another twitter person. The person did not use the @ so Dan must be searching for himself again. He is a sad man with issues.

Welcome to the intellectual heirs of Woodrow Wilson/FDR style fascism: Where having a lone political opinion they disagree with is the equivalent of drugging and anally raping a child.

Though I guess you could say at least Slott has the integrity to condemn Polanski in the first place. Among the extreme left entertainment types, that's a sort of courage, I suppose...

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