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Wednesday, March 04, 2015 

Marz blabbers about CPAC, Netanyahu's Congress speech, maturity, etc

Here's several items silly leftist Marz had to say in the past week. For example:

We could credit this easier if he'd just admit the setup for Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern was a prime example of what he's talking about, ditto the conclusion in 2004. Same goes for Identity Crisis, Avengers: Disassembled, and several other examples since that time. He could even show he's come more to his senses since by avoiding association with would-be writers like Bendis, Meltzer, Slott, and various others who've engaged in terrible fanfiction writing over the past decade. But Marz is the kind of writer who still doesn't seem to get a grip on rationale, even as Devin Grayson did the past year. And when a woman shows the guts to admit making a mistake, yet a man cannot do the same, let's just say it does not look good for the menfolk. Marz is right though, that not growing older only worked for Peter Pan. It certainly doesn't work for Marz and other people like him.

Personally, I'm not fond of O'Reilly, but there are other journalists out there of the liberal persuasion who've been faking reports worse than what O'Reilly might've, and Marz himself admitted Brian Williams did wrong. And besides Williams, there's also other examples like Walter Cronkite, Stephen Glass, and Jayson Blair. Even Micah Wright, who lied about his army service, makes a noteworthy example. If Marz is really so concerned about O'Reilly, he should take a good look at his own side of the political spectrum, where there's embarrassments like these going on quite often.

I get the feeling he's just looking for more excuses to deride the Tea Party. But I guess he's got none of the same complaints about the Occupy movement, even as Frank Miller wisely distanced himself from such freaks.

It's not that we're mad. We're just very disappointed he has to support some of the worst causes, associate himself with people possibly more tasteless than himself, and that he goes out of his way to do just what's brought down comicdom, by insulting the core audiences for superhero comics and simultaneously succeeding in discouraging new readers from trying.

As I noted above, it's because his MO is just what's wrong with comicdom today. He insults the core audiences, even liberals, many of whom were alienated by Emerald Twilight 2 decades ago, and still hasn't changed much, if at all. By contrast, Dan Jurgens, who replied to his conversations, avoids doing that. Now Jurgens does have some embarrassments on his record like Zero Hour, which make it hard to fully appreciate the fact he created heroes like Booster Gold. But unlike Slott, Bendis and Meltzer, Jurgens hasn't associated himself with anything as crass as what they've put out, is far from being as blatant in his MO, and doesn't insult the audience the way they have. That's why it's easier to respect Jurgens, in contrast to Marz and those other left-leaning writers. Jurgens also never insulted Bat-fans the way fellow conservative Bill Willingham did after he collaborated on War Games and the Robin story where Black Mask tortured Spoiler with a drill before killing her briefly, and added insult to injury by villifying Dr. Leslie Thompkins. That's why Jurgens is also easier to appreciate for his political views than Willingham.

And while we're on the subject, here's a bit from Marz and Jurgens' exchange:

As we see here, Marz is actually respectable in his replies to Jurgens and refrains from hostility. Which again begs the query why he can be polite to Jurgens but not to conservatives outside the industry proper? One can easily wonder if this would be a wholly different story had Jurgens not been a professional writer. If Marz can't learn to politely disagree with other rightists and their dissent, why should he be surprised if even the leftists alienated by Emerald Twilight don't have much respect for him? He should really take Jurgens' advice and spend more time outdoors. Here's more:

So in his view, righties only care about cold cash? See, that's another problem he's got, accusing everybody he detests of being greedy for money, when he's making plenty of that in his jobs as a comics writer. And no chance he regrets that.

Now, here's where he really turns low while talking about foreign issues, and attacks the Israeli prime minister over his speech about Iran's nuclear development:

Tsk tsk tsk. This is one of those times where he really becomes degrading, and at the same time becomes a comedy since he's just parroting what the MSM and Obama have said, rather than look at Netanyahu's argument more in depth, and note that he did offer an alternative:
After an overnight flight from Washington Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived back in Israel on Wednesday morning. Upon arrival at Ben-Gurion International Airport, Netanyahu said, "After my short visit to the United States, I return to Israel knowing that many around the world heard what Israel has to say about the impending deal with Iran. In my speech before the Congress, I presented a practical alternative, which would impose tougher restrictions on Iran's nuclear program, extending Iran's breakout time by years. I also called on the P5+1 to insist on a deal that would link the lifting of those restrictions to Iran's ceasing its sponsorship of terrorism around the world, its aggression against its neighbors and its calls for Israel's destruction. I heard encouraging responses from both Democrats and Republicans. They understood that the current proposal would lead to a bad deal and that the alternative is a better deal. Happy Purim."
So Marz, you'll kindly bear in mind that Benjamin Netanyahu did offer something. Of course, Marz could be using a coded dialect hinting that if Netanyahu wanted Iran raided and the autocracy deposed, Marz would detest the very idea and damn him as a "warmonger". In which case, we'd have to wonder what he really thinks of Americans who came to Europe's aid during WW2.

Despite what Marz has just said, I think even he has to admit Mati Tuchfeld is correct when he notes Netanyahu's opponents face reality.

Update: here's one extra he tweeted:

Yeah, there he goes, complaining about Gamergate again, when Simone herself, despite her hard left swerves, clearly isn't interested, and has no problem with T&A. And if he can't complain about the comics industry's own problems, then his complaints about Gamergate only ring hollow. Marz has just demonstrated that his contempt also extends to women who disagree with political correctness. He shouldn't be surprised that his book sales are so low on the charts. Speaking of which, it's also worth noting that Marz has his female detractors too:

And I'm sure that when lady bloggers start criticizing him for more than just his writing skills, he'll still think it's merely weird, and at the same time, we shouldn't be surprised if he becomes hostile to them too.

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I like it when leftwingers use the term 'far right' to describe Reaganites and mainstream conservatives. I'm 'far right,' and it's supposed to mean something very different from that. Your everyday pro-life, anti-welfare state people who generally vote Republican ain't it.

Although I guess it means a lot of things. The people at MSNBC are so far left (but not as far as some) that I guess things get fuzzy when they look out that far.

Foreign diplomats and heads of state often address Congress. Ironically, Netanyahu's speech became controversial ( and, therefore, received a lot of publicity) only because the Prima Donna-In-Chief decided to have a hissy fit over it.

Hm, apparently they had some Tanton-related folks there, so that could fit the bill (but I sure wouldn't call them conservative). This growing sterilization/ eugenics ideology is pretty sick stuff, even if they put out some good info.

Haha, they allowed the Log Cabiners? Staunch conservatism indeed.

Sorry if I twisted Marz' words in anyway.

Marz called out again:

He started a fight when he tweeted this and then acted like he did not mean it was her when she caught called him out.

Added the tweets to the post.

You should switch the last two tweets around they are in the wrong order. I am sure Ron would try to spin that as an excuse.
He made this tweet first:
Sock puppet dope complaining at @GailSimone about diversity is ALSO a GamerGater! I mean, what are the chances? Like, 95%?
— Ron Marz (@ronmarz) March 5, 2015

The person caught him talking about her and responded with the other post as well as others after he tried to act like he was not talking about her.

I saw that as well Marz made a rude tweet and was caught so she responded.

Ron tried to play the victim.

The guy needs mental help.

Tweets are now adjusted.

Now Marz is calling Dinish D'Souza a "convicted felon" even though he was targeted by the Obama Administration because of his conservative beliefs.

MSNBC and CNN don't know where the goal posts are. They think a leftist radical is a centrist, and they think a centrist or a moderate conservative (or even a moderate liberal) is "far right."

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