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Saturday, August 01, 2015 

Marz considers animal life more important than human life

The awful writer voiced hostility against a dentist who accidentally killed a protected lion from an African wildlife reserve. Here's some eyebrow-raising tweets he wrote about the case:

Is he aware just how offensive that is to say? I wonder if he sees nothing wrong with Geert Wilders being hunted by Islamofascists these days either? This is the closest I've ever seen him come to condoning violence against a human. And all over an animal. What Piers Morgan said and Marz seems to agree with is extremely offensive and makes it much worse. And he has the gall to scapegoat the GamerGate campaign? This is a real head-shaker and sigh-inducer.

Oh, do tell us about it, man who makes offensive comment about fellow human. I hesitate to think what he'd say if this were a woman who was being witch-hunted.

What about Saddam and the Ottoman jihadists in Turkey? How is it they don't matter?

Of all the most rancid tweets or retweets he could've posted, this too is the closest he's ever come to condoning violence against a human, all over an animal. What a disgrace. And when somebody told him the mob he's bent on raising to destroy the man makes him question Marz's civility, he said:

If that's what he thinks about the dentist, then I wonder: does he also have similar feelings about Justiniano and Scott Lobdell, the former for storing child porn illegally, and the latter for the sexual harrassment he once committed? Probably not. Nor is the followup clear either compared with what came before.

You can tell that one was deliberate. He obviously doesn't see the value of human life, infant or otherwise, hence, he cannot understand the seriousness of Planned Parenthood's vomitus misuse of youngsters any more than he could Kermit Gosnell's repulsive crimes. Even the Atlantic thought it should be a front page story, and should matter more than gunning down lions.

Straight from the keyboard of a man who throws the folks defending some of his other work from SJWs under the bus.

Definitely not Marz, that's for sure. This terrible man's standings are all questionable in the extreme. I'm sure a lot of the people he's allegedly helped are aware of that.

While that may be so, people who kill fellow humans for sport, hatemongering and religious beliefs is still far more serious than killing animals, especially species who happen to be carnivorous.

In that case, he should never have written Batman/Aliens, Witchblade, Shinku, or even conceived those rock bottom death scenes in Green Lantern's Emerald Twilight, let alone the fridge scene. Or, he should've apologized for the latter long ago.

Has he ever seen the murdered bodies of people who were victims of Islamofascism? Point: I hope he realizes that's even worse than a lion being cut pieces.

Sorry, but it's not. But since he brings this up, does he see it as a numerical equivalent to the murder of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottomans during WW1? Again, does human life matter?

Say, did Marz ever donate the money he made off of Emerald Twilight to a charity for abuse victims? Or did he ever suggest other people do the same? Frank Cho did, and if he could, then I don't see why Marz can't. Must be his selfish, uppity personality keeping him from setting a better example.

Since we're on the topic, here's one by Neil Gaiman too:

Make up your mind whether that should be instead or as well. And, why not call for donating to a fund for victims of Islamofascism? Quit going for easy arguments and start setting a better example by showing courage to confront the most hard-hitting topics all the time.

If we've learned anything more about Marz, it's that he's an animal rights nut, to the point where he can't see the value of human life. And that he's a loose cannon who doesn't realize what he's saying. Is it any wonder the books he's written in recent years only sell in several thousand copies each?

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Extreme animal protection and religious conversions are just the latest "big things" to blog or gossip about, probably will go away in 10-20 years or so.

With the Islamofascism murders, I get the impression that it's just for shock value and trying to keep up steam, there is no real power or energy left behind it, only annoying critters just fruitlessly trying to bring down the global population one man at a time.

As for politics, the conservatives get further withdrawn and absorbed in themselves, the liberals get further widespread and loosing themselves in mass-media, and the world falls to pieces as the only two major political directions go from "helping the people" to "helping themselves at the expense of others".

FYI, lions live 10 – 14 years in the wild. Cecil was 13. And I'm no fan of what the guy did, but these people demanding blood are gross and hypocritical. (Plus, it looks like the it was more the fault of the guides than the dentist.)

The news media needed a decoy to divert attention from the Planned Parenthood scandal, so they cranked up the outrage machine over a poaching incident.

We're told that the animal was a "national treasure," but even people in Zimbabwe had never heard of him before. Google "Cecil the Lion" and you will find lots of news articles, but not one with a date earlier than a month ago.

It's like when the MSM gave more publicity to a traffic jam in New Jersey than to the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, the VA scandal, and Benghazi combined.

If this guy's aim with a drill is anything like his aim with a gun, I feel sorry for his patients. Then again, I suppose that taking expensive trips like this is the reason why medical bills are very costly.

Marz is an extremist nut, notice he can send endless tweets about a lion but none about a baby. I am sure he will use snark to deflect because he fails when facts are present.
The guy is just crazy, I might not agree with all of your views but you call out Marz very well.

Marz can try to deflect all he wants but his tweets (actions) speak more. How many lion tweets has he made? Now how many posts about a baby? Notice how he then goes straw man to deflect as well. The real issue is that he has no ability to grasp reality. I wonder if his book might actually have a chance to sell well if he would learn to shut up and work.

How do they tell which lion is which? Also, doesn't Wilders see himself as liberal?

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