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Tuesday, September 08, 2015 

Daredevil gets an illegal border crosser for a protege

No sooner has Nu-Secret Wars run its dull course, new Daredevil writer Charles Soule announced he's got an obviously politicized story in store for Hornhead, as if Mark Waid hadn't done enough harm already:
The first order of business was discussing Charles Soule's much anticipated run on "Daredevil," which finds him and artist Ron Garney taking the costumed hero in a rather different direction than the previous creative team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee.

"I'm sure you've all read Mark Waid's fantastic run on the book, so there's no pressure for me at all right?" Soule joked. "This is my version of Daredevil. I made sure to stay respectful to the character, but I also made some things my own. Daredevil is back in New York City, working as a prosecutor as opposed to a defense attorney. Instead of defending people, he's trying to put them away. For once, his day job aligns with his night job. His secret identity is also back, so no one knows that Daredevil and Murdock are the same person. He has an apprentice -- I don't want to say a sidekick, but someone he's taken under his wing. He is based in Chinatown, and is basically an undocumented immigrant. He's super-cool, and we're all really excited about him."
So does that mean Matt prosecutes anybody who's against illegal immigration...but doesn't prosecute interlopers for breaking the law? Very fishy indeed, and very obviously an attack on public opinion about those who just steal into the country, without considering the legitimate worries about infiltrators who can commit crimes. I think Soule's changed Matt from a man without fear to a man without shame.

Interesting how Soule describes his character as "undocumented", as though it validates his unlawful entry into the US. That's PC mania at work. And he's not being respectful of Stan Lee's creation at all.

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Did you even look at the link in the comments section of the previous post or do you just plow ahead without listening to input from commenters?

Very funny. That is the link from the comments section, and I posted the most relevant paragraphs from the article.

...what do you call that third comment in the previous post, empty space?

I'm actually okay with an undocumented immigrant being DD's sidekick. I'm more worried about the prosecuting lawyer part. If he's just prosecuting murderers and thieves, all good. I've got a gut feeling, though, that it's going to be about people having the wrong opinions and taking down groups like Gamergaters and the ilk. If I want to watch Law and Order, I'll watch Law and Order.

Also, how long have you and drag been arguing? It seems like he's on every one of your posts. I can't say I agree with everything you say all the time (we don't typically agree on matters of Islam), but I know I'm not going to convince you otherwise, at least not in the comments section.

I think this is our first argument to be honest, normally I'd get somebody else or I don't get a reply.

Drag's been commenting on a lot of the posts here for nearly a year now. Which is okay if it's a pertinent reply, but sometimes he does get borderline trollish, which is a shame.

So if I poke a hole in your logic or press a Berserk Button, that makes me a troll or gadfly? It's amazing how crazy personal logic can get to some people. Still, you live your way and I'll live my way.

Incidentally, is the Avi Green shown in this link the same guy as you, or is it just a coincidence? http://www.authenticisrael.com/about-us/meet-our-team/

Yes, Drag...you are a troll.

Clearly Drag has excellent reading comprehension since he thinks that the Daredevil article doesn't mention the sidekick being an illegal alien and that the euphemism is a separate term as well as thinking the man in the linked website who was born in Israel and lives in the US is the same man as one who was born in the US and lives in Israel.

Don't let him "Drag" you down, Avi.

Don't worry, Drag won't faze me.

Multiple Anonymous sharing the same idea? What a novel concept. Still, I suppose in this hyper-critical and hyper-emotional age, ill-timed honesty can get mistranslated into mocking behavior. I'm just a guy who's not looking for either pity nor praise, just sending out an honest opinion whenever the opportunity presents itself. Nothing more, nothing less. As for the above link, all you had to say was, "just a coincidence", no need to let it turn into a big show and dance.

Drag, why don't you create your own blog instead of coming here and commenting all the time? If you're really only interested in giving an honest opinion that would be a more constructive way of doing so.

This blog isn't the only one I visit, it just happens to be the one with the most comments that I've done.

Joseph Collins, creating a blog requires effort. That's not Drag's deal. But go easy on him. He plays a vital role as the token liberal that trolls this blog. His comments aren't intended to be constructive, and the last thing his opinions are are honest. His sole purpose is to read Avi's post and counter every point and opinion that Avi puts forth, regardless of whether he agrees or disagrees with Avi. If Avi posted his disgust with a Marvel or DC hero getting raped, Drag would comment "why are you being so negative?" If Avi endorsed gay marriage, Drag would criticize that, too. He's no different than a conservative bashing MSNBC yet still watching it, or a leftist who hates Fox but still tunes in day after day.

Drag isn't about honest debate, it's just debate. He just wants attention, specifically Avi's attention. Whatever hole he has in his life, if not in his head, can only be filled by the hope that Avi will finally, finally react to his comment. Make no mistake, Drag orgasmed the moment he read Avi's "Very funny". If Drag had a hint of honesty, he wouldn't dress up his comments with so much mental masturbation. For example:
When Drag touts himself as "a guy who's not looking for either pity or praise, just sending out an honest opinion", what he's really saying is "Come on, Avi, please react to me! Please reply!"
When Drag replies to Tom Fulcher "I think this is our first argument to be honest, normally I'd get somebody else or I don't get a reply", what he's really saying is "normally, I get ignored." Plus, I don't know if Avi's comment qualifies as arguing, unless "I posted the most relevant paragraphs from the article" is some kind of literary smackdown. But again, this is Drag, and this is what he's been fantasizing about.
When Drag gripes at Anon#2 "no need to let it turn into a big show and dance", that's exactly what Drag wants all his comments to be. He wants to be seen as the little guy who's taking on the big bad conservative who runs the blog. If Drag didn't want to make a "big show and dance" of his beef with Avi, he could email Avi directly at his personal email. It's available on this blog. I've emailed Avi myself before and he's replied. I doubt he wouldn't reply to a personal email from Drag. But Drag needs the theater, the attention, of everyone seeing him go after his own personal Goliath. That's what every comment he puts out is about. It's also hypocritical of him to tell Avi "you live your way and I'll live my way" when Drag is the one coming onto Avi's blog. And I didn't see Avi's criticism of how Drag lives his life. And it's equally hypocritical of him to whine about "this hyper-critical and hyper-emotional age" when he seems to take personal shots at Avi while at the same time throwing a hissyfit over being called a troll or screwing up a link with the wrong Avi Green. He's not honest, he's unoriginal. He's a stereotype. In the end, Drag lives up his name.

So now I'm a token liberal and a sexual deviant who gets off on wordplay? It's amazing how some things can make a person crack up with laughter and this is one of them! I have to admit I was feeling a little down when I woke up, but thanks for cheering me up with this idiotic and completely backwards portrait of me! Never watched a news channel in my life, only movies and shows, the news isn't exciting or interesting enough for my tastes. Also, you think I care about some dopey librarian in the desert boondocks like he's my long lost friend or that this site is an equivalent to stomach medicine or aspirin? I move to my own rhythm, letting neither money-hungry yuppies or drug taking hippies influence my life. If you can't believe such a thing is possible or understandable, tough shit.

Avi's gotten a lot of trolls here over the years, usually angry liberals who are sent here by far-left comic book writers. The way Drag acts, I definitely think he's a troll. At my old blog, I probably would've banned him by now because he's boring.

It's like Hube once said, Drag definitely lives up to his name.

If I really was either a troll or gadfly, then I'd be obnoxious and determined to drive him to an insane asylum, but since he's passive-aggressive angry all the time and is in the middle of nowhere, I don't see how much more damage anybody can do to him. Besides, all of his other blogs are condescending, repetitive, and boring, at least this one changes the tone of the entries from time to time.

You may want to be careful, Drag. I have been pondering the option of banishing you for some time. I won't feel happy to do it, but if I have to, I will. You have the choice of setting up your own blog, you know, so I'd suggest you start turning over a new leaf or the inevitable will eventually come about.

I won't say too much on the above, beyond I'm grateful Avi doesn't just cut his losses and pull what, say, John Podhoretz has done and ultimately banned comment sections entirely with Commentary Magazine and the New York Post. Or format that only Blogger users can reply (I'm still debating on whether I want an account). If there is any hope online, it's still in the comment section, as John Derbyshire has said.

Anyway, as for the actual OP, as that really hasn't been discussed, I'm amazed Marvel didn't go there sooner. And I admire Marvel's callous ness in light of the recent debate that came from Kate Steinle's murder and how a majority of citizens don't want sanctuary cities, which, last I checked, New York City is still one.

Daredevil better brush up on some things, too, if we're adding illegal aliens to the cast:


Bet that same thing would happen in the MU. Superhero or cops hassling you, say you're an illegal alien and they'll probably leave you alone.

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