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Thursday, September 10, 2015 

Marz can't stand that Kim Davis was released from jail

The awful scriptwriter's written his lamentations about the release of his fellow Democrat, Kentucky county clerk Davis, who didn't want to violate her religious beliefs by validating LGBT marriages, and also Walter Palmer's return to business after all the threats he got for killing a carnivore:

But why does Marz act like he's a know-it-all? Again, no concern over all the threats of violence Palmer received after the news of his stupid mistake. I'm not saying Palmer's a saint. Of course he's not. But killing animals is still nothing compared to the murder of innocent humans.

Just look at the unfunny bungler who wants to stay relevant by attacking conservatism itself.

Huh? I thought Mr. Marz is the one playing the trombone or violin, all because what he hoped for didn't exactly happen.

One thing for sure, Marz is making very laughless ones.
My prediction is that Marz will keep on with these biased babblings for quite a while in the forseeable future, while failing to worry about more challenging issues.

Marz doesn't deserve sympathy for how he wastes time on petty issues, but never cares to speak on behalf of gays and lesbians persecuted under Islam. His standings here, from what I can tell, are not altruistic.

So says the man who fights for the right to diminish morale.

And there he goes, looking for another opportunity to attack a conservative politician to boot. The man is such a sad case who can only worry about petty issues and not about more challenging ones.

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With an attitude like Davis', she'll either land back in jail or resign and go join the talk show circuit, either way it will add more fuel to the fire. With the lion and dentist situation, did either have anything special to note before the lousy shot was fired? As for that linked video, is that a staged incident or not?

You have a very unique style of "arguing."
It's somehow wrong for Ron Marz to be mad about the dentist who killed the lion... because 9/11 was worse?

How does your brain function like that? That's insane.
Because Marz didn't condemn 9/11 in the same statement where he condemns someone who kills a lion he's... wrong? What? In what world would anyone put those two thoughts together? Did someone drop you on your head when you were a baby? Seriously, what is the matter with you?

Wow, two comments from two idiots who don't seem to understand that Marz has a PATTERN of contrived liberalism. If Twitter weren't around, he'd have nothing to do but listen to himself bloviate. Is that simple enough for you, flatscans?

No. Please make your point clearer by arguing Avi-Green-style:
What? You made a post you're upset a woman with a government job broke the law by not issuing a marriage license to minorities that she disapproves of on a personal level?

But in your 140 character tweet, you didn't mention some unrelated article that Avi Green read about Islam! Obviously you're a flatscan, bloviating idiot!

You're arguing about apples? Clearly you're wrong, because here's an Avi Green approved link to oranges. That's the PATTERN that's clearly on display that everyone can understand.

Serious question, does Avi Green have some kind of mental condition that makes him act this way? As a small child, did he consume vast quantities of lead paint?

Oh, look, some anonymous loser who's come here to insult people because he was probably sent here by Marz. Go troll somewhere else.

You know an Anonymous loser is making good points when Carl has to resort to calling them a troll.

Carl, Avi Green called, he wants to know why in your last post you didn't attach a link to Benghazi. Don't you think Benghazi is important, Carl? Why are you diminishing Benghazi?

This is the Avi Green way of arguing. Deal with it.
It might actually be a diagnosable form of mental illness. Serious question, are his parents related, possibly cousins or even siblings?

Looks like the anonymous poster trolling has some serious mental issues.
I don't always agree with Avi but he often makes many accurate points about the nut knows as Marz.

You know an anonymous loser is making a fool of himself when they come here to troll.
Marz is nuts deal with it, he needs to seek help. Seriously his followers are as crazy as he is.

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