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Saturday, October 17, 2015 

Captain America's role exploited by writers for supporting illegal immigration

Captain America, or more precisely, the Falcon, has now been exploited by the overlords at Marvel for supporting illegal immigration:
In the issue, Captain America beats up members of a white supremacist militia called the Sons of the Serpent as they attempt to apprehend a group of illegal aliens crossing the desert from Mexico into Arizona.

“Captain America: Sam Wilson #1” (Youtube screengrab)

The leader of the group, the Serpent Commander, makes statements that are similar to what Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been criticized for saying during his White House run. The Commander longs for the construction of “the mighty wall” and laments the “trouble and disease and crime” that the border-crossers are bringing with them.

Trump, who leads the GOP field in the polls, has called for the erection of border wall with a “big, beautiful door” on it. He also came under fire for saying that Mexico is sending “rapists” into the U.S.

Indeed, the comic’s writer, Nick Spencer, is no fan of Trump.
And here's Spencer's tweet right here:

And I guess supporting potentially evil interlopers is fine too, so long as it brings in publicity and big bucks. More on this subject can be read at Hot Air, Independent Journal and Twitchy. The premiere issue features headlines like "Capt. Anti-America" and "Capt. Socialist" which are not only attacks on conservatives in their entirety, acting as if not a single rightie can tell the difference between fiction and reality, or it's the writer's attempt to divert attention away from his own selfish little biases, and doesn't think what he's doing is wrong. But it is. And what's truly revolting is how he's using all this as a way to justify socialism and bad policies. It should be crystal clear by now that Sam Wilson was not made into a new Captain for real entertainment purposes, but rather, to be used as a political tool. What makes it more ludicrous is that a lot of the interlopers have cost many African-Americans their jobs, and there are blacks supporting Trump who've made clear they disapprove of amnesty for these reasons. So Marvel's stunt is actually an insult to many blacks who've lost job opportunities to illegal immigrants.

Since we're on the subject, Marvel's staff must be trying to divert attention from this nonsense by forming an affair between Sam Wilson and Jane Foster, now the female Thor. As if we haven't seen interracial affairs in mainstream before. A more creative idea would've been for Sam to spend time with a civilian white girlfriend. And I guess under Alonso's PC-laden directions, Jane no longer has any affection for the real Thor, nor for Keith Kincaid?

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As for Sam Wilson/Jane Foster, I suppose that beats his relationship with Jet Black? Or at least it's less creepy by comparison. Regardless, it's nothing new, as DC has been doing that for a while with Power Girl/Mr. Terrific. (Not sure of the relationship status, these days.) Last year's "Doomed" arc implied that Lana Lang and Steel will pair up eventually, so there's that. Supergirl's a little more different, but still the same racial pairings as of late (in current comic canon, she's smitten with a regular guy named Michael, who is black and paraplegic). In the upcoming CBS Supergirl TV series, she's being paired with Jimmy Olsen, but he's very much race lifted (basically "James Olsen" in all but name only).

Curiously in the since-ended Ame-Comi Girls series, Power Girl/Jimmy Olsen is a major pairing, though, without the race lift on Jimmy's part. It's mainly addressed when Star Sapphire shows up, and I wish the series explored things a bit more before ending, but I'm not complaining.

Like Avi said, I could live with Sam Wilson as Captain America if he wasn't a political tool for whatever SJW cause de jour Marvel wants to do. I suppose if it wasn't the Serpents, Marvel would revive the Watchdogs in their place, which was a less than subtle reference to Mark Gruenwald's politics. Or did the Watchdogs come back recently, as I think so, but not totally sure.

Or make up their version of the Minutemen and demonize them, instead. That's what these comics are good for, and not much else. Not like Nick Spencer has to live with the consequences of what he's promoting, right? He'll be nice and safe where he is, I'm sure. Unless, of course, he could become another Kevin Sutherland:



The Outhousers chime in with their usual semi-leftist preening and a swipe at Fox News. Oh, goodie.


I'm doing some more posts on the subject soon. It'll take a while, since I want to try and get a few items in order, but should be complete soon.

Nothing about the "Snap" Wilson bit a couple issues back?

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