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Wednesday, November 04, 2015 

Busiek says he's voted for Republicans, but what are the standings of the candidates?

Here's something interesting Kurt Busiek's had to say about his voting patterns, despite being a liberal:

That's certainly interesting how, despite his own left-wing leanings, which he's sometimes indicated he held for a long time in the past, he's voted for some GOP politicians. But what are the exact policies of those candidates? Don't be surprised if those he'd vote for are of the liberal-leaning variety. In fact, at this point, there's probably more of those in the GOP today than the other way around, with conservative-leaning politicians in the Democrats all but pushed out because of the small-tent mentality the Dems have been fostering over the past years. Over a decade ago, Dubya supported what the Dems do now, which was amnesty for illegal immigrants. And there have unfortunately been GOP politicians who supported the same kind of healthcare policies Obama does now. Those are presumably the kind of candidates whom Kurt favors, so anybody hoping Busiek might wake up and smell the coffee shouldn't be too enthusiastic he'll come around anytime soon.

What if it happened at a Democrat debate? Would he have any of the same complaints? Probably not. Why is it the GOP needs to have top notch candidates who fit his demands, but the Democrats needn't have the same? Already, some people in the black community are mad at Clinton for how she's handling the whole Black Lives Matter issue. If men like Busiek can't say whether they think a liberal politician can let them down, there's no point to their arguments.

Still, don't be surprised if what Busiek's just said about willingness to vote for conservative candidates in local elections will displease hardcore leftists who'd rather he just stick with liberal candidates all the way.

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Let's be honest with ourselves. If Busiek did indeed vote for a republican candidate, it most likely was a RINO. Probably a pro-abortion, big government republican who ran on that compassionate conservatism BS. Does anyone think this guy voted for Reagan or Bush 41 or Bush 43? Not a chance. Nor do I believe he voted for a right of center senator or congressman. People that stop voting GOP don't typically do so because they suddenly favor a platform of higher taxes and bigger government. They stop voting for the GOP because they think the GOP is the one leaning too far left on fiscal issues. Busiek is a liar.

Is any candidate out there mentally stable enough to last a whole term or not?

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