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Monday, December 14, 2015 

Seriously? Capullo blocked Busiek and Simone?

Now this is a surprise. Two left-wing writers were shunned by a left-wing artist:

And in fairness, Busiek was certainly an amazing talent when he wrote several Marvel books years before. But what's this we have here - an artist who takes a position reminiscent of Bob Harras' favoratism towards artists in the 1990s (I recalled an introduction Peter David wrote for one of the Incredible Hulk collections), and conveys his beliefs in a most extreme manner? Man, now that is telling. It's the writers who first conceive the storyboard to build on, and the artist comes next, trying to realize those textual visions in the best ways possible. If it weren't for Stan Lee, would Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko have ever come to draw Fantastic Four and Spider-Man? What's gotten into Capullo now?

And Busiek's not the only writer on whom Capullo pushed the Twitter block function. There's also Gail Simone:

Capullo's artwork may be impressive, and I think he's been in the biz for nearly a quarter century. But now that I think of it, he's the kind of artist who, no matter how talented he is, has only a handful of books worth reading. One of the other tweeters on the thread reminded everybody about the time Capullo retweeted an offensive joke about Bill Cosby, and while his art talents may be considerable (though not really the books they were used in), his morale and taste most certainly aren't. Interesting that he blocked Simone too even after she may have sided with him in that whole embarrassment. I guess this could be construed as a case where leftists turn against each other, even over petty issues.

Without a good script, the artwork is crippled. That was practically the case back in the 1990s with the X-Men (speaking of which, Capullo drew several issues of X-Force at the time). I've said this before, and I'll say it again, but a good artist's work shouldn't be wasted on a terrible script. Yet that's exactly what we see happening today, and nothing's changed since the 1990s. Nor is Capullo helping with such a thin-skinned attitude.

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LMAO .... what a shame.

Busiek blocked me a few years back although I had never tweeted anything to/about him. He probably saw, however, some of the Twitter tiffs with Marz and Slott, however. Whatever. I'll always consider Kurt an immense comics talent.

Simone, OTOH, is a disaster. She ended up blocking Doug Ernst and I after we pressed her to answer whether she believes only white people can be racist. (She was, at the time, busily retweeting a known radical feminist's posts who had said just that.)

Left on left crime is the worst. Such a shame when their "tolerance" gets thrown out the window. So sad when small-minded ideologues clash this way.

I don't think Capullo is particularly left-wing. He may not be left-wing at all. To me it seems like lefties would be way too sensitive to even go anywhere near the Cosby joke that Capullo retweeted.

Also, not to defend the guy too much, but he may just be blocking people because he's sick of seeing their foolishness. With Busiek, obviously they just had an unpleasant exchange, but with Simone he may just be tired of seeing the obnoxious stuff that she posts. Same with the supposed 30 other people he's blocked. I block people too when I simply don't care for what they post and find it obnoxious for reasons that aren't always political.

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