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Wednesday, February 03, 2016 

Busiek attacks Republicans for "Islamophobia"

Wouldn't you know it, for the week of the Iowa primaries, boilerplate leftist Kurt Busiek has chosen to mouth off with the cheapest attacks on the GOP:

As a matter of fact, many Islamists in the USA haven't for about a decade now. All because the public woke up and began to research and understand what's wrong with Islam. This article from the Intl. Business Times, though not entirely honest about "minorities", does note that the shift to Democrats among Islamists began around 9-11. And that's bound to include plenty of Muslims in Iowa too. So why's Busiek acting like this is something new? It isn't.

Challenging question: if one of those aforementioned refugees came into Iowa or anywhere else in the USA, and later started gathering equipment with which to commit violent acts of terrorism like the terrible incidents in Fort Hood and San Bernardino, or even rape, much like what happened several weeks ago in Cologne, Germany when many women were mass raped at the city's train station, would Busiek want that to happen? Would he even express any regret if, God forbid, it happened? For now, the sad answer is probably "no". This was of course the same man who acted oblivious to the violence committed by one of Dark Horse's editors against several staffers in the months after the case made headlines, basically pretending it had never happened, as much of the comics press now appears intent on doing, proving they're not truly interested in bettering the workplace. Like I said, that's why Busiek cannot be considered somebody for sensible women and men to consult on serious issues. Say, how come, if he's so bothered about GOP members condemning Islam, he can't say the same about any of the wider public whose opinions are negative? Panning politicians is just a cheap way of voicing grievances meant for the public, dismaying as that would be if he did so.

It's certainly telling when the only topic somebody like Busiek can think of commenting on is something like Islam, acting as an apologist and vehemently refusing to look under a magnifying glass. I'm sure tomorrow, he'll be acting as apologist for Satmar socialists too, and many of them have also supported the Democrats and Obama. A real shame a once decent writer is making himself look incompetent today by wasting his time on politics in the worst ways possible.

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Even after Bataclan, Cologne, San Bernardino, Ft. Hood, the Boston Marathon, 9-11, et al., Busiek (like Obama) continues to ridicule the very real concern that some of the "refugees" might be terrorist Trojan Horses.

Obama wants to dump 600 refugees on Iowa. Even if 90% are not terrorists, that still leaves 60 who are. If 99% are not terrorists, that still leaves six. How much damage could six jihadists do? Two carried out the massacre in San Bernardino, and two others (with an IED made from a pressure cooker) turned Boston into a war zone.

And, even setting aside the valid concern about criminals and terrorists, we just can't afford to take in more and more unskilled, welfare dependent migrants to put a strain on our already stagnant economy. Obama says that we can't afford Social Security cost-of-living increases for our own senior citizens (Americans who retired after working hard and paying taxes for 50 years or more), but we can afford to provide "free" (i.e., taxpayer-subsidized) college tuition for Syrian immigrants.

The US has taken in more refugees than all of the other countries in the world combined. Yet, we (and Europe) are expected to take in even more. Meanwhile, Muslim countries (Saudi Arabia, the UAE) refuse to do so.

And Obama is eager to take in more Muslim immigrants (people who share the same basic ideology as the terrorists), but he is turning away Yazidi and Assyrian Christian refugees.

How many refugees did Busiek offer to take in?

Funny you mention that, Hube:


I guess reality had to sink in, sometime.

Ever noticed how since sites like Twitter and Facebook came about, famous people have gotten even more deranged with what they say? Writers, artists, actors, directors, and more have all become ego-fulled with no chance of dialing back the rants and ramblings of what passes through what little brains they have.

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