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Tuesday, February 02, 2016 

Marvel's own contributors actually voice their dislike of CEO Isaac Perlmutter

An interesting development's come up. Though Perlmutter's made serious mistakes that make him little better in business terms than Marvel's own publishers and editors, now, there's several current contributors to Marvel who're outraged that he's donated to Donald Trump's presidential campaign. The very same people who've been given the full permission to do all the abuse they have to the MCU. Among them is G. Willow Wilson, voicing her own dislike of conservatives, and even Mark Waid was backing her up.

Now, it's certainly interesting to witness all these hack writers voicing their hostility to somebody who's never given a damn what kind of terrible storytelling they've wasted their time in, not even the poor "diversity" pandering. It doesn't take much to tell this has nothing to do with the poor conduct of Marvel, since the people involved in that, including Nick Spencer and Dan Slott, are part and parcel of all the shoddy misuse of Marvel's fine creations. And that's why in the end, their hostility to Perlmutter only stems from a mentality devoid of gratitude. As galling as the Comics Beat website can be, they did have the audacity to note that Perlmutter's made contributions to health research, which doesn't seem to register on the bad writers' radar for consideration.

That having been said, it's regrettable that Perlmutter's management of entertainment doesn't match that of his other businesses. If he had any responsibility to shoulder for the moratorium mandate imposed on Fantastic Four and related merchandise, that was a very poor way to go about business, ditto any similar steps he's taken with X-Men, all because Fox studios won't return the movie rights to Marvel/Disney. Stopping all related products won't change Fox's mind, and scuttles whatever chances they could have of making money off of those products they do have the rights to. Why, what positive steps, if any, has Perlmutter taken to try and make Marvel's comics readable again someday? Practically nothing. All he seems to care about is the movies and merchandise, and doesn't seem particularly bothered by the politics the new Captain America: Civil War movie could embody. In that sense, he's just as bad as the writers and editors who've made the MCU their personal politics playground for ultra-leftism.

That's why, as awful as any of Marvel's staff or freelancers are acting, I can't feel proud of Perlmutter, because he's no better than some of the people now lambasting him, and who're bound to continue long after Trump was outpaced by Ted Cruz in the Iowa GOP primary. It's pretty apparent he does not place any high values on the comics output for Marvel, and is only interested in movie adaptations, or wherever the money is really huge. That's why he's a poor steward, and it's almost laughable any of the current Marvel contributors would have an issue with his particular political choices.

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I wonder what favor Trump promised to Perlmutter if he contributed to his fund?

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