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Friday, February 26, 2016 

"Prominent" Marvel writer attacks Iron Fist TV adaptation for adhering to the hero's original background

Marjorie Liu, apparently one of Marvel's special token writers for the sake of diversity, has been indirectly insulting Roy Thomas and the late Gil Kane for making Danny Rand white, and attacking the producers of a new TV show for casting a white guy in a role that was originally established as the same:
A prominent Marvel comic-book writer was among those who took to Twitter Thursday to criticize the casting of “Game of Thrones” actor Finn Jones in the titular role of Netflix’s Marvel series “Iron Fist.”

While debates about the casting choice raged on, one narrative rose to the top: Many users were angry that Netflix didn’t cast an Asian actor in the role.

“Iron Fist is an orientalist-white-man-yellow-fever narrative,” said Marvel comic book writer Marjorie Liu. “Asian actor would have helped subvert that offensive trope, and reclaim space.”

Liu, who wrote “Dark Wolverine” and “X-23” titles for Marvel, also retweeted similar sentiments from others disappointed in the casting news.

The writer has been outspoken on the casting of “Iron Fist” since December, when she tweeted, “Let me be blunt: I won’t watch Iron Fist if they cast a white dude. I can’t do it anymore. I’ve reached my limit. Peace out.”

While Danny Rand is a blond-haired Caucasian in the original Marvel comic books, many saw the upcoming television adaptation as an opportunity to inject some diversity.
If she doesn't want to watch this new TV program, that's fine; the comics should matter more anyway. All that aside, I'm not sure why I should care about what somebody writing "dark anything" says about adaptations when she's lent herself to some of the poorest directions Marvel's had since 2004, when they really tumbled downhill artistically. Why must the Wrap website even be giving attention to bozos like these, who care more about what the protagonist's skin color is than the story merit in the finished product? She'll probably come around and watch it anyway when it finally premieres on Netflix.

But this still demonstrates how corrupted the medium's become, with SJWs of various backgrounds going out of their way to hijack the creations of past contributors with more rationale than they ever had. And the worst part is that, in a way, they have hijacked them already, thanks in part to any and all veterans who stood by and did nothing to protest.

Maybe the weirdest part of all this is how the writers are actually willing to attack adaptations even as they willingly take jobs with Marvel/DC. But the press is also to blame for giving them attention over such petty issues, all because they're just as uninterested in creating new characters as the writers themselves are. And isn't it funny how Liu doesn't even seem aware that Thomas once created an Asian hero in X-Men, Sunfire, back in 1970, or that the company actually did introduce Asian martial artists in the form of Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu, and also Colleen Wing?

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Right. And if they DID cast an Asian as Iron Fist, then the SJWs would be screaming that it's stereotyping.

+1, Hube.

Does that mean I have permission to skip the Supergirl TV series and their version of Jimmy Olsen for the reasons or logic set up by Liu? That version is certainly doing its own stereotyping via Jimmy's black super-stud characterization.

Also, no one is forcing Liu to watch this upcoming Iron Fist series, either. "Don't like, don't read" is supposed to be the side luxury of having too many choices. I'm sure she can find something else to watch, instead.

"Maybe the weirdest part of all this is how the writers are actually willing to attack adaptations even as they willingly take jobs with Marvel/DC. But the press is also to blame for giving them attention over such petty issues, all because they're just as uninterested in creating new characters as the writers themselves are."

You're right, Avi -- that is very counter-productive of these writers, especially what we saw of Perlmutter's donation to Trump and the Marvel staff's reaction. Yes, just because your company does things you may not like, it doesn't give you open license to undermine your company's side efforts and over a casting matter based from a series not everyone can access? Doesn't Liu have real problems to deal with, like making sure her comic stories keep selling enough, so she gets paid or that Marvel is successful enough, so it keeps employing her? No, "casting bad!!!!" is the true hawtness.

Unless, as per our new tribalism, race trumps all, pardon the possible pun, and Liu is just showing her real priorities.

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