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Monday, February 22, 2016 

What Slott had to say about GOP Town Hall conference

Here's a few tweets he wrote about the GOP's Town Hall meeting:

But never complain to the Democrats about it? How come they aren't held accountable, if any of their members are in charge of local affairs? They're mostly responsible for the water problems over there.

That's very rich coming from somebody who ignores a lot of issues himself, right down to whatever mistakes liberal politicians make.

Look who's oh-so bothered about whatever the Koch brothers do, but never about what George Soros does when he contributes to liberal campaigns anywhere.

Slott even brings up Donald Trump and the Pope:

And people like Slott, who troll on other people's websites, use their comments sections as their own blogs and act outright vulgar are not true followers of Judaism.

I think I'll even add a comment he made about Geoff Johns:

Oh, fawning all over one of DC's worst writers since the turn of the century, I see. Gushing over his work like it's all genuine Shakespeare, despite Johns' use of gratuitous violence and other irritating elements. I seem to recall that the GL Rebirth miniseries bore connections to Identity Crisis, and anybody that willing to go along with such a repellent screed is not an admirable auteur in my book. So, there's one more reason intelligent people should avoid wasting their time with Slott.

Now, here's what he says about the Democrat candidates, which is far more favorable:

It's clear he has no serious issue with Hilary's disturbing records, not even the e-mail scandal. He's probably not bothered by Bill Clinton's own grimy record either. Slott might as well just come out and openly admit where he stands, because to date, he hasn't, suggesting he's just a coward.

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Western civilization has tried to "build bridges" instead of walls. And we have seen the results in San Bernardino, Paris, Cologne, Ft. Hood, Chattanooga, Boston, and New York.

What moron badmouths his own party? For that matter, it's time for a newer, more competent party to enter the ring, one without the baggage and decades of neglect on improving the country.

How many migrants has Slott taken into his home? None? How come??

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