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Sunday, May 15, 2016 

Kurt Busiek's latest double talk

First, he retweeted an item from Alex deCampi about a woman who had experience with sexual assault:

But then, he retweeted a Reuters article about the Obama administration calling on schools to allow transgenders to use the bathroom they want, and said:

And I'm sure he has no interest in the news outlets reporting the fallout from what could result from such an awful demand. Just recently, an 8-year-old girl was assaulted in a Chicago restaurant bathroom by a man while her mother was nearby (Hat tip: Truth Revolt). If violent crimes like these could be committed by adult men, it's chilling to think what could happen if they're committed by young boys in girls' school bathrooms. None of which seems to concern Busiek. If he's not worried about violence against women that could take place in bathrooms, he had no business responding to Mrs. deCampi about the issue of sexual assault.

So here's another example of Busiek commenting on a serious topic, then trashing everything when it comes to the subject of ladies' bathrooms, when what any of the women who were victimized could just as easily have happened in bathrooms as well. And if, God forbid, it does, is he going to remain silent about that? Shudder. This is why not many women are into comicdom, because phonies like Busiek are discouraging them.

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While the assault in the story you linked is horrific, it has absolutely nothing to do with allowing transgender people to use the restroom of the gender with which they identify.

The linked story seemed more about random nuts than what you're talking about. Try posting a couple female-on-male related stories on the transgender subject and then we will talk.

There wasn't an issue until someone -- a transgender person -- MADE it an issue. IOW, even though he/she hadn't yet had surgery and didn't really look much like the other gender, he/she DEMANDED to use the bathroom/locker room of his/her choice. Even a separate facility for both was deemed "insufficient" on the school's part.

While North Carolina's law arguably is an overreaction, they didn't start it. There will no bathroom police checking people's privates. If someone looks fairly obviously like a male/female and is using the corresponding bathroom, no one's gonna care. But the farther the SJWs take the whole "you can identify as whomever you want" nonsense, that's when (logical) pushback happens.

Oh, and screw the whole "you're bigoted" nonsense. The SJWs turned "racism" into a meaningless term; "bigoted" and "transphobic" ain't far behind.

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