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Sunday, May 22, 2016 

Nick Spencer exploits Red Skull to represent conservatives, and concerned Europeans

The previews for the debut issues of Captain America: Steve Rogers make clear that leftist Spencer has no intention of making the book welcome to rightists, or even Europeans trying to prevent Islamofascists from infiltrating, conquesting and committing crimes. As seen in this page here:
Under Spencer's twisted viewpoint, Red Skull is meant to represent decent Europeans struck by the crime the Muslim migrants brought with them. No doubt, in Spencer's opinion, any European who says what he put in the mouth of Red Skull is a crazy liar too. And the people he's seen speaking to here are clearly all right-wing types, whom in Spencer's view are nothing but evil.

As I figured, the return of Steve Rogers would be nothing to celebrate or feel relief over, since repellent left-wing political bents would make up the bulk of the story, rendering it impossible to enjoy. As a result, it's best avoided and forgotten.

Update: Douglas Ernst wrote about this latest Marvel monstrosity for the Wash. Times.

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Hey, Spencer, I know you're trying to make Red Skull cartoonishly evil and racist, but when his rant -- or, really, the rant you put in his mouth -- actually sounds less insane than your regular words on Twitter and regular output, you're doing something wrong.

Seriously, if that's Spencer's version of the Red Skull and what he represents, what about Captain America and the new illegal alien Bucky? "I'm for diversity, tolerance, Aztlan and illegal aliens!" (Aztlan is what Chicano activists call the American Southwest, to become a newly independent Chicano homeland someday.) Er, who am I supposed to be rooting for, again?

Of course, it would make more sense if Helmut Zemo said that monologue, as per the Zemo lineage and could address issues of legacy better than the Skull and his general nihilism could, but whatever.

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Hey I would rather join Hydra and Mr. Red Skull there than see Captain America perverted by these lame-a** liberal writers. I remember reading CA in the 60's and loved the freedom loving anti-Communist stories Lee wrote. Oh how far comics have fallen.

If, in 1966, you had told me that someday the heroes in comic books would be the ones working against Western civilization, and that the villain would be the only character saying anything sensible...

Apparently tomorrow's issue by Spencer will reveal that Steve Rogers has always been an agent of Hydra. What a hack.

Isn't that one of those idiotic fakeout previews you see all the time?

That Red Skull speech makes more and more sense with every passing day:


But, hey, Spencer thinks we're the Nazis for pointing that out. Okay, then.

As for the Cap-Hydra twist, yeah, hack-tastic. I almost wish HYDRA wasn't made back when, but who knew Marvel would use it to death as their go-to Big Bad on everything, anymore?

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