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Monday, May 23, 2016 

She's refusing to acknowledge reality, as usual

Gail Simone still pretends not a single woman's ever protested laws enabling transgenders to use bathrooms of the opposite sex, even if it gives cisgender male predators a window to exploit. Recently, her rants included:

Predictably, she's fudging up all the pertinent issues, vehemently refusing to admit there are women out there who have the guts to object on the grounds that it allows MEN to take advantage of infiltrating the ladies' room. Suppose Eddie Berganza did something like that? She's not bothered? Shudder.

Which men would those be? The Democrat politicians in Utah who passed laws that nearly allowed Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper to get away with his crime, or the Republican politicians who took steps to make sure such horrific laws wouldn't continue? Now she's even trying to change the subject and turn this all into a rightie-bash. Pathetic.

Later still, however, she posted the following jaw-dropper:

*Whistle* So...what was she saying about not being against women again? She certainly is against mothers who dare commit an Orwellian thoughtcrime and protest invasions of privacy, and declaring those who do are all "bigots". I hesitate to think of all the children she'd upset with her nasty crack about their mothers, no matter what they think of their mother's social standings. It's clear she does not recognize the seriousness of these issues, and that the demands of one segment cannot come at the expense of another. She's certainly not an inspirational figure for young girls and teens.

A little earlier, she said:

Sage advice, of course. But even if we don't buy a particular author's books, corporate or privately owned, that doesn't mean we can just ignore what they say about socio-political issues, because they can have a poor influence. And she's proven herself one of the worst commentators around. I may still own 2 compilations of Birds of Prey work she wrote in 2003. I won't throw them away. But so long as she remains stuck on such a revolting mindset, it's clear I'd never again be able to read anything she's written, if I even bother to at all, without thinking she's never written any of it for merely a quick buck, and has no faith in any of the products she's worked on. As far as I know, she's currently no longer employed at DC, or Marvel. And as I may have said before, it's for the best if Simone's not writing the famous creations of people she doesn't seem particularly grateful to for conceiving them long ago. Whatever talent she had in yesteryear has since been washed up and impossible to appreciate. It's sad, but that's how it is now. A woman who lets down other women, even in comicdom, by backing positions that only undermine women's status even more. Sigh.

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