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Saturday, May 07, 2016 

Simone makes me feel honored

Gail Simone has not taken well to my critique of her bizarre support for letting transgenders use the opposite sex bathroom, even at the expense of self-respecting women, which, you can be sure, includes some of Eddie Berganza's victims. Let's take a look at all the badly written tweets Whoopi Goldberg's competitor posted in response:

But it is, when you look harder under a magnifying glass at any and all cases of men disguising themselves as women to gain access to the ladies' room.

And hard to know where to end with this one!

Says a pretty bitter, cranky scriptwriter!

Wow, seriously? Mrs. Simone, I would like to proudly introduce you to Elizabeth Edens, who called in the Chicago Tribune for keeping men out of women's bathrooms:
There is a bully in our country that has been body-building for the last 25 years. That bully has now "come out" and is flexing its muscles, sending fear down the spines of our politically correct population.

There are untold numbers of people who do not speak out for fear of being ostracized or being called bigots. They are not bad people, nor are they bigots. They have simply succumbed to the sound of silence. And as Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence" song goes, silence, like a cancer, grows.

The bully is political correctness, and it does not scare me.

I live in North Carolina, and I support the new controversial state law that says people must use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificates. However, the law is flawed — the part that allows for LGBT people to be discriminated against in employment should be repealed.

That being said, the rest of it is on target. It needs to be a federal law so that I can feel safe in a bathroom anywhere in this once-great country of ours.

I am a 61-year-old white woman, married 42 years to a straight man. That makes me a target. My right to privacy is being assaulted. My right to feel safe in public bathrooms is being denied. Where is the American Civil Liberties Union? Why is North Carolina being trashed for trying to protect me and my rights?
And meet the 150 school girls who walked out of a locker room to avoid sharing it with a poorly disguised boy. And a woman who had a dreadful experience in a Target bathroom thanks to their new policies. And don't be surprised if none of these ladies want anything to do with a woman who throws their dignity under the bus.

And in Simone's viewpoint, gays and lesbians persecuted in the Muslim world don't count. I vaguely recall several years ago how cold and reprehensible she was on the Dixonverse forum, whose manager she doesn't seem particularly grateful to for developing a series where Black Canary and Oracle could shine together. Speaking of which, when this bathroom issue was brought up on the forum, one of the people there said:
Some very liberal women I know are now... very conservative when it comes to this issue. they are so dead set against this issue.
So, Mrs. Simone, do you believe liberal women who dare object are just a lot of "bigots"? Tsk tsk, what a sorry case Simone is. Her loss of the Birds of Prey gig was deserved. BTW, when you call people like us "bigots", you're only offering a compliment. Or didn't you think of that earlier?

Gee, such crudeness is unbecoming of a professional writer.

If she's trying to drag Judaism into this, and won't distinguish between religion and race, that's abysmally low too. Then, when somebody tries dismissing the issue as merely men "believing" it's their duty to defend a lady's honor (and she sure ain't no lady), she says:

Well there you have it, Simone's spoken, and made clear she does not care about the safety of women and children. In that case, we can figure where she really stands on the whole Berganza affair, since she hasn't exactly spoken up herself. I guess that means if people like Berganza conducted their awful actions in the bathroom, it'd be okay by her? Dear dear.

Anybody who's going to use such repellent language isn't making their case very well. She's basically proven the point of anybody who feels chivalry and grace have been devastated in modern society.

Nor are we supposed to put women who value privacy at risk for the sake of a "special interest group". These demands cannot come at the expense of women's safety. Again, what if this happened at a comics convention?

No problem, Mrs. Expert Woman. For example, if you say transgenders shouldn't respect and/or accept which actual sex they are, then you don't respect them yourself. All you've done is make yourself sound vindictive that somebody's calling you out for taking one stand at the expense of another. And if you turn your back to Islamic persecution of LGBTs, then again, you don't truly respect them.

Women who want privacy in the bathroom aren't human? Arab women aren't human? Sigh. What a sad case.

Taking everything out of context. I post my thoughts and positions, and comment on your comments while offering everybody the right to know what you've said. All that aside, am I required to please the morally bankrupt? And how does being low traffic mean there's nobody out there agreeing with my standings? Her logic turns farcical yet again.

Look who's talking! Somebody who's never defended Muslim women in distress from Islam. And here's something to ponder: they may not all say so, but Berganza's victims may not be very happy if they knew you were making things worse with your gibberish. You probably realized that. You probably also knew that such slurs are merely complimentary to the people you despise for calling out your reprehensible conduct.

But she's wasted some of her time as a UN "goodwill ambassador" in some capacity. And probably has no worries about the Oil For Food scandal. Then, when Kieron Gillen babbles, she says:

That seems to be the conclusion a lot of these sad cases come to - probably because they want people to "hate" them. But truly, that would be too easy. No, I find it disappointing they'd take up these stances. I'd be a lot happier if they changed their ways, but so far, it doesn't look like it'll happen.

Have the women who complained about harassment in the industry said they fully favor transgender access to the opposite sex bathroom? To date, I haven't spotted any, and if they don't, then I suggest you avoid making things worse for them.

Wait a minute, didn't she say she was in favor of transgenders using even the men's room? No doubt she zigzagged her logic deliberately because she can't think of anything better to do. Somebody seems to have realized just how poor her sense is, to which she replied:

Yeah, because transgenders are supposedly persecuted in every way, but women and children aren't. In that case, we can only guess where she stands on abuse in Haredi societies too.

A writer on the American Thinker made a similar point, and it's a valid one, about the vitality of defending boys who could be targeted by male-vs-male predators. But using it as an attempt to distract from another subject isn't helping. That aside...say, I thought she sided with homosexuality! In which case, one would think she didn't want to imply gay men could prey on youngsters. Mighty homophobic of you, Gail.

Yup, you said it alright.

LOL. Who said they can't? We just want them to use the bathroom that applies to their actual gender. How is that undermining? They're quite welcome to use the bathroom that applies to their actual gender. Please kindly don't distort.

In the end, the intriguing question here is: should women by and large consider this would-be scribe a role model? You can be quite sure there's plenty who don't, and low sales on her books can prove that. When she wrote Birds of Prey, they didn't sell at skyrocket levels either (30,000 or so is no big figure). True, bad marketing has what to do with that, but maybe early on, some folks did recognize what an embarrassment she is, scuttling her talents in favor of dreadful political stances. In the end, she only makes me feel honored to know she resents my dissent so much. And, she demonstrates quite well what's wrong with people in showbiz.

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You keep making the big time, Avi. I wish I could have done that. Oh, maybe next time. XD

I wonder if Simone would like some cheese to do with that whine. Seriously, though, whatever happened to "don't like, don't read?" If she can't stand what you do, be easier to ignore it and give you less power and attention -- lord knows that's what the media has done for decades until recently. Then again, we are talking about the straight white female comic writer equivalent of Dan Savage, so logic's out the window, anyway.

Better keep up the full Sun Tzu treatment, since it's apparently working: "If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him."

LOL ... it remains truly amazing that a so-called "professional" would take so much time to address what a (mere) blogger thinks. You KNOW they all long for the pre-Internet days when they had total control over the letters that got printed.

Maybe someone oughta ask Simone why she chooses to reside in a state that is one of the whitest in the entire nation -- 87% white, less than 2% black. Knowing Simone, she would call that "bigotry."

Hey, Hube, Simone's like the comic book writer epitome of Joe Sobran's famous saying of "the purpose of a college education is to give you the correct view of minorities, and the means to live as far away from them as possible."

As much as I don't like comic book writers on Twitter, it is a good way for the mask to come off and reveal or confirm the ugly suspicions we've had with these writers over the years. Plus, the more she fixates on bloggers like Avi, the less time she'll have on "improving" characters like Red Sonja and Batgirl. (Even though, she's presently not writing them anymore.)

Either that or Simone has way too much time on her hands, these days. Boredom and leftism are not a great combination.

She is just mad that more people read your blog than they do her comics.

You keep wanting to help self-respecting women, but don't you have any sympathy for self-respecting men?

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