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Wednesday, May 25, 2016 

Who are these so-called Marvel fans who insulted Kirby/Simon with their demands Cap "emerge from closet"?

The New York Observer published a disgusting item where a screwball posts several tweets and screenshots of supposed Marvel fans who want Captain America to be revealed as bisexual, or hardcore homosexual. And if the following says anything, it's that the co-directors' belief that LGBT practice should be shoved into the Marvel movies has already taken place:
Assuming you have seen it though, you may have thought that Steve Rogers liked Bucky Barnes a little more than he let on. [...]
And because of this perception, some LGBT activists - surely including the writer who concocted this stupidity - took to Twitter with a hashtag demanding Jack Kirby and Joe Simon's famous creation be twisted inside out (by the way, must I note that Simon was a Republican?). And the writer continues to say:
Because seriously, he’s no longer living in 1942. He and Bucky shouldn’t have to hide it.
Keep going. A fictional character who wasn't created as a homosexual shouldn't be hijacked by entitled moonbats who believe corporate-owned creations are something they can do whatever they like with. Their demands are insulting to the memory of Kirby/Simon, who don't seem to be mentioned here.

In fact, if Bucky were depicted as more of a teenager, then this would be the same problem as that involving the LGBT activists who want Batman/Robin to be an item: they'd be depicting Steve Rogers as a child molestor. Again, is that something any responsible person wants a creation, classic or otherwise, to be written as?

According to Breitbart:
Marvel fans apparently took a page out of the Frozen playbook for their hashtag campaign; earlier this month, Disney fans used the social media service to petition the studio to make that film’s protagonist, princess Elsa, a lesbian.
I still think it's quite a stretch to assume these are really Marvel fans. They sure aren't respectable to the original scribes like Kirby/Simon.

Such blatant nerve those SJWs have, exploiting every situation old and new they perceive as coinciding with their beliefs, to desecrate something that wasn't intended to reflect their brainwaves. And the press sources who give them backing only further this insanity. This is just why the corporate ownerships are able to get away with such atrocities when they want to pander to such a crowd.

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Well said. They pervert the idea of Captain Americas, in both senses of the word. Originally gay superheroes, fine with them. As they are a certain portion of our American populace, bring them on, in that proportion. Anything else is just progressive deconstruction of the society.

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