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Saturday, July 09, 2016 

Comments by comics writers on Dallas shootings of police officers

It began with 2 incidents in Minnesota and Louisiana, where 2 black men were shot, because police thought one man would use a gun on them. Now, it's gotten worse, as an anti-white gunman fired on officers in Dallas, Texas, murdering at least 4 and injuring 6 others (latest reports suggest he was a Muslim convert). What do some comics writers and others have to say? Let's begin with what a reviewer for ComicBook has to say, and links to:

He considers the writings of a magazine that thought a cover story for the Boston jihadist Tsarnaev would make for great news "important"? The cover story that angered Bostonians? What a disgrace. I'm not sure I can support a website whose leading staffer recommends a rag like Rolling Stone. They gather no moss, only weeds. To say that America was "asking for it", as RS is doing, is basically justifying violence, and that's disturbing. Now, what does Ron Marz have to say?

Leftists also allow Muslim women to fall prey to honor murders, European women to Muslim rapists (and even the USA has this problem), and LGBTs to jihadists, as seen in Orlando most recently. They also allow blacks to be victimized by the Religion of Peace. So what's Marz's point?

In that case, he must be devastated that gays and lesbians are buying guns for self-defense after the jihad murders in Orlando.

Because leftists like her want it to be that way.

That's because leftists like her don't want to offer any solid answers. They just want to see the world in a tunnelvisioned angle without any clear ideas offered.

Does that mean gays and lesbians can't own guns to defend themselves either? Man, there's one person who doesn't appreciate what the founding fathers did for the sake of the citizenry.

But, we don't need awful moonbats like Slott to tell us this.

Only good education will, but he doesn't seem interested in raising those points either. And when The Hill reports on a politician arguing gun control isn't the answer, Remender says:

Why must gun control be the sole answer, but not tour de force education for non-violence and respect for human dignity? Besides, if it's not guns, it'll be knives used in criminal offenses. And when Donald Trump says the GOP will make America safe again, he says:

And still no requests made for better education, I see. How boring. So as we see, here's but a few examples of the usual bunch babbling without making any challenging arguments, and just resorting to cheap ones. As usual, it's very disappointing, but expected coming from them.

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We do not have an epidemic of black men being "executed" by police. We have cases of black thugs attacking police officers, who are then forced to shoot the thugs in self-defense. Then the media distort the facts, portraying the aggressors as innocent victims, and vice versa.

It is actually relatively rare for African-Americans to be shot by police. Which is why such shootings can be given nation-wide publicity. A black man is shot by a cop in Missouri or Louisiana, and people in New Jersey and Iowa see it on CNN.

But a black janitor in Atlanta gets murdered by muggers while on his way to work, or a black insurance agent in San Jose gets murdered by carjackers, or a black child in Los Angeles gets run over by a black reckless driver, and there is little or no publicity. It might get mentioned briefly on the local 6PM newscast, but only if it's on a slow news day.

More whites than blacks are shot by cops, and black Americans are far more likely to be murdered by black criminals than to be shot by police.

"But African-Americans are only 13% of the US population, and they are 26% of the people shot by cops!" Well, they are 13% of the population, and they are over 50% of the criminals in general, and over 40% of the cop-killers in particular. To indicate that police are trigger-happy when it comes to black suspects, you would have to show that African-Americans are significantly more than 50% of the "victims" in police shootings.

Marz says that we have failed to prevent mass shootings. Well, there were plenty of red flags in Orlando, San Bernardino, and Fort Hood, but, in each case, nothing was done. Neighbors, co-workers, and employers did not report the suspicious behavior, because they feared being accused of racism and Islamophobia.

And, after San Bernardino, the Attorney General threatened to "take action" against anyone who said anything that might be considered "anti-Muslim rhetoric."

The AG has not threatened to take action against the rioters yelling "What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!"

Before you assume that Sterling and Castile were innocent victims, and that the shootings were not justified, consider the mainstream media's track record.

The "gentle giant" in Ferguson turned out to be a thug. He attacked a cop, and the shooting was in self-defense. The "black motorcyclist" in Miami was a drug pusher. He tried to run over a cop, and the shooting was in self-defense. The "unarmed bridegroom" in New York was trying to run over cops with his SUV when they shot him in self-defense.

And it's very convenient how these shootings always get a lot of publicity whenever the Democrats need a sensational story as a decoy to divert attention from a scandal.

Brett White says that "people of all sorts shouldn't have guns."

If we could just prevent Muslims, registered Democrats, and members of Black Lives Matter from obtaining guns, then it would reduce mass shootings by over 90%.

Slott says we need another MLK or Gandhi.

The US needs a George Washington or Teddy Roosevelt. And Europe needs a Charles Martel. Or even a Vlad Tepes.

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