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Wednesday, August 31, 2016 

Busiek doesn't think any media could reflect J. Jonah Jameson's approach

Here's some tweets Kurt Busiek wrote that may or may not be a response to some of my commentaries on his awful leftism:

And all this from somebody who doesn't place a high value on reason himself. So what's his point?

So Spidey saves lives and neither Trump nor any other right-wingers want to save any. Uh-huh. Keep going. Personally, I approve of the media doing its job, but I do not approve of any source being dishonest, as J. Jonah Jameson is when he's depicted lambasting Spidey over some petty gripe and making him out to look as bad or worse than the supercrooks he fought. That's what I meant when I once brought it up. When a newspaper or TV news program's staff tell a lie about a serious topic, that's when they're not doing their job.

And I guess Kurt's got no comment on Hilary Clinton's failure to save lives like Chris Stevens, eh?

While I don't have a high opinion on Nixon, I will say that the Watergate scandal was silly, and peanuts compared to a real failure Nixon had: his inability to inform the public about what the PLO did to 2 US diplomats, for example. Refusing to inform the public about a horrifying case like that is quite awful.

So basically, he's saying that J. Jonah Jameson doesn't represent any kind of press sources, honest or dishonest. In other words, he's dismissing Stan Lee's ideas as limp. In that case, what was the whole point of writing any Marvel comic? If JJJ wasn't meant to reflect reporters who're dishonest and petty, then there was no need to create such adversarial cast members for the MCU. And for Busiek, I guess the only reason to write them was for a big fat paycheck. At this point, because of his ultra-leftist politics, I figure his writing talents will have dwindled faster than Chris Claremont's, who faltered in the late 90s when he came back to write the X-Men for about another year. One more reason why he wouldn't be suited to write Marvel and DC any more.

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Trump proposed a temporary ban on Muslims entering or re-entering the US until we have adequate vetting procedures in place. That would have prevented the San Bernardino massacre. The Democrats' proposals for increased gun control laws would not have. (Obama called for barring the sale of guns to suspects on the No-Fly List. But Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were never on the No-Fly List, or any sort of anti-terrorism watch list. Which is unsurprising, since Obama ordered the FBI and Department of Homeland Security not to spy on Muslims.)

Yet Trump's call for common sense, reasonable immigration reform is denounced as a "hateful campaign."

And Cuck Busiek approves of the mainstream media (i.e., the Democratic Party's propaganda arm) "doing their job" and "exposing Trump's vile qualities." But would he approve of the MSM exposing Hillary Clinton's tax evasion, influence peddling, mishandling top secret information, abandoning Benghazi, and perjury?

Would Busiek approve of the media "doing their job" and reporting on Islamic terrorism? Or would he agree with Secretary of State John Kerry, who recently said that the media should not report it, so that "people wouldn't know what's going on"?

And Busiek seems to conflate Joseph McCarthy's hearings with HUAC's. McCarthy was a senator, and never served in the House of Representatives.

Bet you 10 dollars that even if you change the race and religion, the tweets and reports won't change.

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