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Sunday, August 07, 2016 

Dixon says superhero comics could end when movies do

Chuck Dixon's given some interviews to Breitbart about his new GN based on the Clinton Cash book. And he's also brought up how this project has likely spelled the end of his career with the mainstream superhero books:
...he’s aware there is “no going back” at this point.

As a result, he left all cards on the table when taking down what he views to be a liberal slant in the industry.

Near the end of the show, the conversation turned toward the rise of “social justice” in comics and how DC and Marvel seem to be wanting to change genders or ethnicities of long-established characters just for political correctness’ sake.
DC did this several years before Marvel actually got around to it, and it got them nowhere, no matter how much the specialty press would like us to think otherwise.
This, according to Chuck Dixon, played a role in the downfall of comic book sales. The reason they’re not righting the ship?

“Because they’ve chased so much of the readership away. People simply stopped reading comics when they voluntarily pulled comics off the newsstands in the 1990s and became a boutique industry exclusive to comic shops.”
Or, put another way, they turned to ghetto mentality, and shut themselves into an enclave. It's honestly stunning how there's a specific industry out there with no interest in reaching a wider audience, no matter how much they claim/pretend otherwise. On which note, Dixon said:
“And there is already noise at both major companies, because they’re owned by international conglomerates, ‘Why are you doing new comics? You have all this stuff that on your own you could just reprint?’ And because the comics aren’t profitable publications, the parent companies have every right to question that and say, ‘Why aren’t you more popular?’ Everyone knows who Thor and Iron Man and Batman are. Why don’t the comics sell more? Because they’re crap. That’s why they don’t sell more.”
More precisely, the stories are bottom of the barrel, and the writers are some of the worst you could find in any medium, except if this were movies, they wouldn't last 5 minutes after turning in scripts as awful as they do in comicdom.

Dixon also says his characters were turned into PC cyphers:
“Are you worried about your legacy as an artist as a creator, are you worried that you’re gonna wake up one day and they’re going to turn The Punisher into a Black Lives Matter activist, I mean do you care about that? Does that offend you as an artist, the fact that some of the work you have done in the past might be gerrymandered for these unnecessary petty political reasons?” asked Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

“Well I mean most of them already have been. I’ve seen my characters morphed into PC cyphers. But the thing is once I’m done working on them, it’s like watching your kids go off with another guy. The new daddy is here, I just don’t pay attention to it otherwise I’d be crying myself to sleep every night, so I just walk away from it and go on to new work, move forward.” replied Dixon, referencing Marvels latest attempts to make their comic books more SJW friendly.
This can easily describe many more tamperings by extension: since when do skin color/homosexuality/Islamic religion alone equal a personality? They don't. Most of the products of DC/Marvel's new SJW mode aren't built on plausible characterization; just political statements. He also alluded to the hack job Spoiler fell victim to:
Dixon jokingly replied, “I feel like I’m at a convention now because I always get questions like ‘how do you feel about what they’ve done to your characters’ and I mean I had a character that I had created that I really liked and had an affinity for and DC, they had her raped, tortured and murdered in the most gruesome fashion and I’m like what the hell. And then even more cynically they brought her back a couple of years later. It’s hard not to take it personal, I did a book called Nightwing for years and when I left it they killed every single supporting character and then nuked the city.”
The worst irony there is that another conservative - Bill Willingham - wrote the issues where Spoiler was tortured with a drill. But why should reversing Spoiler's original death be cynical? That in itself wasn't wrong, and besides, IIRC, Dixon himself took charge of writing that. What was absurd was turning Spoiler into another Batgirl, and this was after Dan DiDio abruptly fired Dixon. And beyond that, they not only had no idea what to do with her, they didn't even want her, nor Cassandra Cain, the other Batgirl whose ascension was more legit because Barbara Gordon was still alive.

Dixon says that when superhero movies go out of style, that's when comics are bound to follow. But logic suggests printed mainstream comics could collapse even sooner, and the studios who own them may not see any point in keeping them around if they don't draw in anybody other than a shrinking fanbase of old timers.

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That's sad. I hope the tide eventually turns.

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