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Sunday, August 21, 2016 

Does Marz still think ill of Milo after he interviewed an erstwhile co-writer?

I found this comment by Ron Marz from last month, gloating over how Breitbart contributor Milo Yiannapoulous lost his Twitter account, all because he didn't like the Ghostbusters remake:

If anything, I'd say this contradicts any claim by Marz that he's on the side of LGBTs. In any event, I wonder if Marz still thinks this way after Yiannapoulous interviewed Chuck Dixon, who's been blacklisted by the mainstream superhero publishers, after all the hard work he did on their products, some of which they never bothered to republish in paperback archives; to date, I think they've still only republished 3 of the 90s solo Robin story collections. I couldn't find any clues Marz said anything, so he's at least respecting that much, but my estimation is that he hasn't changed a bit. Sigh. And, to be sure, he won't come to Dixon's defense either.

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Milo condemned the internet troll attacks on Leslie Jones. And the Twitter ban may have backfired on his critics, since it made him more famous.

Twitter's character limitations make it inadequate for in-depth discussion of complicated issues, anyway. But then, that also describes most of its users.

"Twitter's character limitations make it inadequate for in-depth discussion of complicated issues, anyway. But then, that also describes most of its users."

Indeed, and tumblr isn't much better, either. Granted, it can do longer text posts, but between "I'll use GIFs to emote because I can't be bothered to write words to describe the feels" and internet culture going full 'tl;dr,' these days, long-form posts/in-depth discussions are going to the way of the Dodo. But, that's what the users seem to want now, no?

Of course, we're also living in a time where sending an image of a cartoon frog is enough to give MSM reporters the vapors or calling the senders ruthless oppressors vs. properly ignoring actual fascism when the Left does it -- what happened to Trump supporters in San Jose by the antifa forces, for example -- so perspective is in short supply, anyway.

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