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Friday, September 16, 2016 

Black Panther movie will draw from Ta-Nehisi Coates's work

If you think it's unfortunate that Captain America: Civil War took its basic premise from the 2006 company wide crossover, I think the filmmakers working on a Black Panther movie are going to make it worse, and make their planned movie more dispiriting than the engaging story it should really be:
If you’re anxious to learn about the plot for the upcoming Black Panther solo movie, consider picking up a copy of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s critically-acclaimed Black Panther comic. Actor Chadwick Boseman revealed in an interview that he, director Ryan Coogler, and the entire Black Panther production team have been reading Coates’ book as a key influence for the upcoming Marvel film.

While Boseman warns that the film won’t follow the exact plot of Coates’s story arc, he says, “You definitely can tell that Ryan is reading Ta-Nehisi, and I’m reading Ta-Nehisi, and the producers are reading Ta-Nehisi. If we didn’t read what Ta-Nehisi is writing, we would be foolish.”
They're drawing from his work, and they are foolish. The guy's got such awful leftist influences, that basing their planned movie on his work is just doing him a favor he doesn't need. Coates even gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal last week where they gave more hints at what's wrong with his take on Black Panther:
I’m struck by how focused you are on telling a political story over a superhero story. Why did you make that decision?

I wouldn’t draw that dichotomy. I think “X-Men,” for instance, has long been a political book. Marvel has a long history of [political books]. “Captain America,” quintessentially, is a political book. I mean, it’s “Captain America.” … If you look at the current miniseries that Marvel’s been doing, “Civil War,” it’s all about profiling. I think, probably, the distinction I would make here is that “Black Panther” is much more focused on governance, which is a dry, boring word. But it’s more focused on governance than traditional superhero books, and that’s because Black Panther’s a king, he’s a monarch. There seems to be a really huge difference between him and other superheroes, so I thought that was really important.
It's not important, or at least not in the way he perceives it. When Marvel alluded to political situations in better days, they didn't do it at the expense of adventure themes and they didn't hammer readers over the head with a constant stream of anti-conservative themes. Yet that's what even Coates is promoting today, and while his book may focus on T'Challa as a leader, the bad news is that it's likely it's all done from an ultra-liberal perspective, touting that POV as superior in every way. Also note how Coates reveals that the Civil War sequel is about pretty much the same thing as the first one. What it hints is that the crossover is basically an attack on security steps, and to be sure, the Patriot Act.

Whether that's what the upcoming movie will be about remains to be seen. Even if not, there's still every chance it could be influenced by Coates's leftist politics, and that'll only make it tasteless. This is an important sign how even the Marvel movie adaptations aren't immune to bad politics.

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