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Thursday, September 15, 2016 

Iceman is still gay in post-Neo Secret Wars MCU

Even if this is a time-displaced Iceman they're spotlighting in All-New X-Men 13, it's still a huge disrespect to Jack Kirby's memory. IO9/Gizmodo gives a clearer synopsis of what the exact plot is like:
Today’s All-New X-Men #13 by Dennis Hopeless, Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennesey, and Nolan Woodard, is pretty much all about Bobby trying to hook up with someone. Comfortable enough with his sexuality at this point to start going to gay clubs, he goes out for a night on the town in Miami with fellow X-members Oya and Kid Apocalypse in an attempt to flirt with some guys... it doesn’t go well.
Or does it? Apparently, if there's a male character with whom he is shoved into an affair, it's an Inhuman, whom he meets while facing off against a would-be menace:
The X-Men roll into action, only for Bobby’s new romantic interest to intervene—the “monster” is actually a newly awakened Inhuman, and Bobby’s crush is an Inhuman empath used by the New Attilans to calm Inhumans down after they’re newly awakened.

Yes, Mutant Bobby Drake’s potential new boyfriend is an Inhuman, Marvel’s group of superpowered humans who have been at odds with Mutants since the company’s All-New, All-Different label began. They’re star-crossed lovers! Warring factions! It couldn’t be more unsubtly Shakesperian if they tried.
And it couldn't be more forced, which the Gizmodo writer doesn't seem particularly bothered about:
I’m not saying I know for certain that Romeo and Bobby’s burgeoning flirtation will inevitably fall apart with the arrival of upcoming Inhumans vs. X-Men event, á la Romeo and Juliet’s doomed romance, but I think we all know where this is heading. Mainly because it’s done with the subtlety of a brick to your face. It is pretty cute though, and it’s nice to see Bobby comfortable in himself.
So he's not the least bit disappointed at the characterization of Bobby as gay, which already looks like the sole interest the scripters have? What a load of sleaze. Having checked the available panels from the issue, it looks creepy; even worse than Scott Lobdell's embarrassing 1992 story from Alpha Flight where he turned Northstar gay, and hammered the readers over the head with it (and even more so in a 2001 X-Men story). Once, there was a time when Marvel books like these were just used to convey tasteful storytelling without shoving overt agendas down the readers' throats. Now, it's all heavy-handed propaganda that only ensures even moviegoers won't be enchanted. And it's all throughly contemptible of Kirby, done by people who have no honor for past contributors.

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Actually John Byrne did intend Northstar to be gay.
To be honest if it was the time displaced Iceman who is technically an alternate universe counterpart (once you time travel you create an alternate universe that is how the rules in Marvel use to work)I wouldn't be as much offended by it. heck that couldn't be an interesting discussion about the concept of destiny, or even how certain factors can affect the world i.e. the butterfly effect that is used in fiction. But by saying the Iceman we all have known for years and been in his head multiple times is way too much to swallow and it offends' the reader's intelligence. Plus I think the reveal of it was handled horribly to the point it was like a parody of a coming out story. Another thing they could of done is say Bobby was bi I know it would offend some people still but it would make more sense then what they did. Also the whole Romeo and Juliet thing feels kind of cliche to use at the moment and if it was written better and played a little differently then maybe it could work, but right now I think it is too basic of an idea to use.

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