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Tuesday, October 11, 2016 

The SJW demands to turn Iron Fist Asian are still around

Cinema Blend says that there's still condemnations coming from SJWs who don't like the source material for Iron Fist, who want the hero's racial background to be changed, even though there's every chance they'd condemn it then too as stereotypical. One part that bugs me is:
This issue is a tough nut to crack. On one hand, Iron Fist is most certainly a character built upon Asian racial stereotypes, which means that casting an Asian actor doesn't inherently fix the problem. Danny Rand is already a white character in the pages of Marvel comics, and bringing in an Asian actor to portray these stereotypes might not go over well with fans. On the other hand, Luke Cage recently proved that embracing the campy stereotypes of the source material can be an incredibly powerful creative step. In the end, it really comes down to how the team behind the show handles the material.
Just how is he built upon Asian stereotypes? In what way? That he was the protege of an Asian community in an all but otherworldly dimension? I can't figure out their logic. I do question their claim that the Luke Cage adaptation embraces much of the early source material though - if he's portrayed as bald, that's going by what became the norm post-2000, when Brian Bendis was chosen by modern Marvel's dreadful staff to determine how almost everything would be depicted, and to be sure, there's other stuff since 2000 that the TV producers are basing their approach on.

Since they're talking about what wouldn't go over well with fans, how about the changes made to Thor and the Hulk, to name but some of the victims of diversity pandering? Those aren't going over well with fans either, yet that doesn't get any attention.

They have one other thing to say that needs some attention:
It seems that "see the movie before you judge" has become the go-to response whenever an actor gets called out for racial concerns. The exact same thing recently happened to Matt Damon concerning the upcoming release of The Great Wall, which similarly centers on a white hero taking center stage in an Asian-centric story. Ultimately, there are no easy answers to this debate.
Are they suggesting we shouldn't base our judgement on the finished product's teleplay, and that the SJW position is entirely justified? Man, that's weak. There is an easy answer to the whole issue: if they really, truly wanted a hero of Asian background, they would've asked for an adaptation of Master of Kung Fu with Shang Chi as the star. Which proves that the SJWs whining about the star's racial background aren't comic book readers, and know nothing about Marvel or DC's past products. Yet it's a given they'll watch the adaptations, if they want to, even as they make their petty complaints.

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Actually there's an easily solution. What does the character look like? Find an actor or actress who resembles that character as closely as possible and can match that character's personality. Problem solved!

Aren't these the same types who cheered the Mandarin becoming a white guy? Are we saying you can't have a non-white villain unless it's an all-1 race cast?

How many SJWs actually believe in what they say and how many of them are in it for the attention?

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