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Thursday, November 10, 2016 

Fortunately, there's also sane voices commenting on the election

While several modern leftist comic creators have proven predictable disappointments, there's thankfully some realists out there too who deserve some admiration by contrast, and veteran Jim Steranko's just proven he's somebody who understands what was wrong with the Obama administration, and with Clinton. Here's a list of his tweets:

Absolutely correct. Obama's administration only brought some of the worst conduct in history, which Steranko brings up in the following:

Many of whom can be potentially dangerous to the public, as evidenced by a recent case in Idaho where a 5-year-old girl was raped by Somali and Iraqi boys.

For which we would also have to blame business managers who only care about saving money more than safety.

Only a leftist who's so Chomskyite he'd want his country devastated.

Well he's certainly been a business mogul in the past, so that can help with trade and industry topics.

The whole Obamacare fiasco only wound up making it harder for people who needed good medical aid to get hold of it properly.

On which note, let's turn to a glaring example of Clinton's incompetence:

Yet neither Clinton nor Obama made any convincing effort to defend the embassy staff from the ensuing slaughter that took place. Some requests for help never even got to their offices. Clinton even ignored a lawsuit filed by victims.

While wiping out bin Laden is justice in itself, it doesn't spell the end of the Religion of Peace bin Laden was going by. That very ideology is what brought along ISIS more recently.

Which was utterly inconsiderate and only desecrated the memory of the victims even more. She even insulted the mother of one victim, and that didn't help one bit.

And if she'd been elected, one can only wonder how many more emails she would've sent out that could've been picked up by enemy forces? She is unfit for security briefings, because she proved she was unreliable with classified data too. Thank goodness she wasn't elected, and that Steranko understands a lot of this. I'm not sure if he's a liberal, or still is, but with this he's proven he's a realist.

There's also a few more sane voices I could post here, such as Chuck Dixon:

No doubt, it takes a long time to read through nearly a million emails. Even Trump's staff were skeptical it could all be done in just several days.

Probably not for long. They'll surely try to let it all go as soon as they see fit, because they don't want to learn lessons.

I do know that a lot of leftists owe an apology for how increasingly selfish they behaved.

People who obsess themselves so badly over politics aren't doing themselves any favors.

I wanted to include Ethan Van Sciver too, but at the moment, his account is restricted to private mode, because last time I looked, he had problems with leftist trolls who hated his own right-wing leanings. Even Bryan Hitch may have admitted this was troubling. It's regrettable some people are so vindictive over a subject that only divides they have to take out their anger so badly. It's only hurting a lot of decent conservatives in the medium, and making liberals look worse than need be.

But, it's good to know there's people in comicdom who do look realistically at the world, and aren't reluctant to say so.

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Jim Steranko is essentially Nick Fury. So now we know what Nick Fury thinks of the whole situation.

...you do realize that Steranko and Dixon haven't been batting a thousand lately, right? Besides, how long do you think it will be before Trump's policies lead YOU into a tirade?

I don't mind Trump building a wall across Mexico's border, heck he should build one across Canada's border considering how touchy they are at times, but uh, how will he succeed where Berlin failed?

Van Sciver? That twit? He can't draw the illusion of motion for anything he does and his plotting is basically Geoff Johns-lite.

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