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Thursday, November 10, 2016 

Just as I thought, plenty of liberal creators are bawling and Trump-bashing

After the impressive victory Donald Trump won in this year's election, various leftist writers/artists predictably came out in mourning over nothing. Here's what I could find, starting with Chris Roberson, whose tweets are chock full of reprehensible rhetoric:

Wow, nobody's allowed to make their choice? This is disgusting and uncalled for.

Just look at that, he's blaming all white humans for supposedly electing a fascist! But seriously, I think this guy just wants Trump to be one so he can have a scapegoat to bring out of the drawer whenever he feels he has to take out his frustrations on something. People who can't live without something to scapegoat for politics are a truly pitiful bunch.

If that's how he feels, then he should pack his bags and leave the country. The USA has no place for people who blur all the differences between a democracy and a totalitarian regime like Iran. On which note, did Roberson ever object to the deal the Obama administration made with Iran? I got a sad feeling the answer's no.

In that case, is he willing to come to the defense of this black chef who got blacklisted by "progressives" because he catered food to Trump campaigners? Or this black grandmother who faced backlashing because she supported Trump too? Man, Roberson sure is one genuine ignoramus, and this isn't the first time he's ever been so shallow.

He thinks all foreigners have a dim view of the US. But if he paid attention to Egypt, they hoped Trump would win, and Marine Le Pen over in France, who's taking a better path than her disgusting father, preferred Trump over Clinton too.

Just say it's the DNC's fault for upholding such awful policies, please. Besides, they ran a pretty disastrous campaign if you looked behind the scenes and saw how fractured it really was; a total disaster. Their incitement activities didn't help matters either.

Umm, Chris, have you considered that some of them voted for the GOP this year, because they had a better platform to offer? If you've got to apologize, how about for the poor political approach of the Dems that led to the Orlando massacre a few months ago? Now, let's turn to Mark Waid:

What about the con-job the Clintons pulled for many years? Nothing to say about that, I guess? And then, in an argument about Mike Pence, he says:

What about Tim Kaine? Nothing reprehensible about his MO? Now, here's Gail Simone:

It's stupefying how moonbats like this one ignore the accusations against Bill Clinton for sexual abuse against about a dozen women, including Juanita Broaddrick. Not to mention how Hillary defended a child rapist in 1975, and used approaches that would've been illegal under laws only later approved by Arkansas. Simone's potentially deliberate obfuscations of specific issues became a wakeup call and made me understand why she was really a bad lot, undeserving of writing any of the mainstream books she worked on in the past. I'm not sure if she even talks about them much anymore, if that matters. It's terrible she turned out to be so shockingly callous, because once, I thought she had a modicum of creativity, and now she's thrown most of that away for the sake of PC lunacy.

Is she also with the decent Europeans who've been targeted by Islamofascists for no goddamn reason save for being "infidels" and other petty matters?

And you tell that to the ladies who're worried about being sexually harassed/assaulted by men pretending to be women or transvestites so they can enter the ladies' rooms in public. Besides, nobody's saying transgenders can't go to the bathrooms, they just want them to use those whose actual gender they belong to. Her obsessiveness on the issue is only making it worse.

Simone sees enemies everywhere too. Sort of reminds me of Fredric Wertham's approach.

You certainly do. You also don't have the courage to admit you have Orwellian viewpoints.

Wow, she doesn't like the X-Men's main field leader? Bashing a fictional character may not be as bad as bashing a real life person for all the wrong reasons, but it's still very laughable and unintelligible all the same. Now for Dan Slott:

Look how he holds up race and sexism cards to obscure his own crude writing that says more about his own personality than the politicians he bashes.

No, because how could ISIS be brought down if government/military intel made all their ideas public?

Of course they didn't do their job; they were just following orders from the same mentality that people like Slott subscribe to. Interesting that he bashes Putin, since until now, most leftists usually embraced communism for a time. Does this mean he'll be writing stories in the future bashing communism like Stan Lee did in the Silver Age? Alas, probably not.

Alas, they won't be.

Not exactly. You trusted the mainstream media, no matter how many dishonest reports they kept airing, and never thought to try out anything right-wing, let alone those thinking independently, or you might've gotten an idea what was going wrong with the Democrat campaign. Now, let's see what others we can find here:

Umm, a lot of women, blacks and Latinos supported Trump in this election, so I think it's the other way around. Clinton failed to win over many, if at all. Even some LGBT groups supported Trump, as did a Muslim woman, so what's the use of explaining anything?

A lot of women feel the same way about Clinton. Now, here's something pretty awful:

Groan. Much as I admire the past artwork of this guy, I can't overlook what Bill's doing here, drawing a caricature of Trump looking like he's going to shoot the big green lady donated by France, and himself. Does he realize how vile that is, and stains his own image? It's devastating when a talented artist sinks this low.

I think people like this guy are wasting their time on politics altogether. And when somebody asks Mark Waid what's more important to him, he answered:

So he's okay with throwing his career and reputation into the dustbin all for the sake of an otherwise unhappy profession? Sigh. In that case, he should just retire and run for office.

You say it's disturbing that Clinton and company tried inciting at his rallies. Waid doesn't think that's a damaging form of behavior?

I'm trying to figure out how Waid could vote for Clinton after she slighted the dignity of her hubby's victims, and Kathy Shelton's.

What, white voters don't matter? Point: Dems have spent several years taking paths that alienated even black voters. Why, back in 2008, Clinton already screwed up.

And what liberals need to be aware of is Bill Clinton's creepy past with several women, ditto Hillary's tolerance for the same.

There's a lot to learn from subjects like this. The worst part is realizing there's every chance we'll be seeing tons of anti-Trump rhetoric littering up mainstream superhero comics for starters over the next 4 years, and even smaller publishers are probably going to lose their minds over politics. And that's only bound to destroy people's faith in a sadly collapsing medium even more.

Update: here's also a few conservative writers/artists setting better paths.

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None of the potential candidates were all that good to be honest. Still, we've already had a film star as a president, a reality show host can't be all that different, right?

It's always easier to hurl epithets (racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe) than to actually address the substance of the other side's arguments. And it's easier to assume the other side is just plain evil than to try to assess the flaws in one's own opinions.

If the Democrats would stop throwing tantrums, and if they would honestly look at the situation, they would see that it is not about race or sex. Their candidate promised to hand out lots of Free Stuff. ("Free" meaning that the Democrats' constituents would receive it, and someone else would pay taxes to pay for it.) The Republican candidate campaigned on bringing the jobs back. So, many voters had to decide whether they wanted a welfare check or a pay check.

Any sexism involved was on the left. "Duh, I'm voting for Hillary because it's time we had a woman president," with no consideration for the candidate's qualifications, or for questions of honesty or ethics. That's just as sexist as voting against a female candidate solely because of her sex.

But then, if the Democrats had any self awareness, or any interest in acting like rational adults, they wouldn't be Democrats.

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