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Thursday, December 15, 2016 

Phila. Daily News looks at the fauxtrage against Campbell

The Philadelphia Daily News wrote 2 weeks ago about the SJW assault on J. Scott Campbell for the cover drawing he first did for Marvel's entry in Iron Man to the "diversity" line, Riri Williams, and they luckily take his side here:
The cover, by legendary comic artist J. Scott Campbell, shows Williams' midriff exposed and some are saying the art hypersexualizes the teenager. Others, including Campbell, say he was simply showing Williams being "sassy"-and dressed as many teens are these days.
And if there's a lot who are, then why aren't the SJWs complaining about a real life culture I'm not sure they had issues with? Then again, maybe they do, but they're taking out their frustrations on fictional targets because it's easy.
"Well, J. Scott Campbell is known for his pinup style for female characters. When I saw the cover initially, I just thought it looked like a J. Scott Campbell cover," said Ariell R. Johnson, owner of Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse on Frankford Avenue. "I did think Riri looked hypersexualized, but I don't think that was because he is a white guy drawing a black female character-that's just how he draws."
Whether or not the illustration by Campbell is hypersexualized, it's far from pornographic, one more reason why this whole tempest in a teapot was a joke. Besides, anyone notice how a lot of these non-troversies of recent have been far more about the covers for the books than the content inside? And how very few are concerned with graphic violence, except in select circumstances like the Batgirl cover that may have only been dropped by DC because the artists decided themselves? I wouldn't be surprised if this was all a planned assault by insiders at Marvel themselves who decided to shame Campbell and throw him under the bus.

The reporter, amazingly, is on Campbell's side:
I feel for artists like Campbell. In the past few years, there has been a "covering up" of iconic female characters like Captain Marvel, Red Sonja, Vampirella and Spider-Woman.
Let me just note that that's Miss Marvel, because that's how Carol Danvers' night job began, and any PC steps taken with Red Sonja appear to have been abandoned, and hopefully were with Vampirella too, although the case with Spider-Woman still stands if you count how the Milo Manara cover was released, but Jessica Drew's butt was strategically covered by a ridiculous logo.
Which is absurd. The classic, sexy versions of these characters are the most cosplayed by actual women at conventions. These women obviously feel being sexy is being empowering as well.
Indeed. The SJW feminists surely know this too, which just proves their cowardice. I think I even spotted one of the SJWs who's written for the Mary Sue site and Hitfix wearing revealing outfits herself, which makes one wonder if she's jealous of fictional characters because they're far better looking than she is.
Instead, we have a militant minority of feminists doing what the Religious Right tried to do back in the 1990s-make sexy, revealing comic characters something the industry should be ashamed of.
Yes, in a manner of speaking, that's a serious mistake some conservatives did at the time. Today, they're far less inclined to do that, and I can't say I've seen One Million Moms being so petty. Either way, it means nothing to the feminists and SJWs, who, unlike OMM, who usually just try to encourage boycotts
Filmmaker Sylvia Soska-a lifetime comic book fan-feels there is room for characters with diverse appearances.

"I am actually quite familiar with this debate," Soska said. "I am personally a Third Wave Feminist who looks to break the appearance obsession with women. if a woman wants to be covered from head to toe and embody more of a masculine style-power to her! If a lady wants to wear a string bikini and nothing else-you go, girl!

"What does disturb me the most in superhero films is when you see a female character that is normally very strong and empowered-regardless of how she is dressed-and you see her powerless-like literally her backstory is gone . . . she's someone to save," Soska continued.

"We have to stop only looking at the drawings and start reading the stories," Soska said.
Just another hint that the books are being judged by the covers and illustrations. The moviemaker's comment proves there's women out there who have no issues with how a woman dresses, but theirs are the views being shut out by the PC lunatics.

All this recent kvetching by would-be feminists about how a woman dresses, on a cover drawing or off, are going to have to stop. And comics companies are going to have to start standing up to these nutty freaks and make clear that they won't pander to Werthamites who have no intention of buying the products anyway. Otherwise, they can't be surprised if their fortunes dwindle.

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I'm of the opinion that that particular cover was either a Campbell parody or a Campbell impersonator due to the fact that it doesn't match up with all of his previous works in terms of sexuality and the amount of curves/skin shown.

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