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Thursday, January 05, 2017 

Nick Spencer's still making Captain America bad, even insulting his fellow leftists

The political activist turned pseudo-comics writer is still making an embarrassment out of Captain America. First, here's what takes place in the 17th issue of Spencer's dreadful volume starring Sam Wilson:
With longtime Marvel character Sam Wilson taking up the mantle of Captain America, that left a vacant spot in the Marvel Universe for someone to take up the wings and name of the Falcon, his former heroic persona. That person ended up being Latin-American hero Joaquin Torres. But in a preview for next week’s Captain America: Sam Wilson #17, it looks like our newest Falcon might face a real world obstacle: deportation.

In the preview for issue #17, it seems the conservative news media in the Marvel Universe is trying to get the all-new Falcon deported for being an undocumented immigrant.
Don't be shocked if he gets to stay while the conservative press is villified in the worst ways possible. By the way, if Torres' identity is known in this rendition, one can only wonder why they opted for such an angle instead of keeping his ID secret like Steve Rogers did.

Now, here's an additional description of what happens in the issue, which features a media villain who's apparently a cross between Milo Yiannapoulous and Laura Southern:
Marvel has officially lost the plot. The latest issue of Captain America: Sam Wilson (#17) features a squad of superheroes called the Bombshells who fight for campus safe spaces and spout Tumblr gibberish.

The story by Nick Spencer is certainly intended to satirize extreme social justice warriors as well as their opponents, but ultimately carries an unambiguously progressive message. [...]
In other words, there's no reason to think Spencer's apologizing for what he did prior to this latest embarrassment. Besides, look what else turns up in the dialogue:
After the events conclude, Lauren Yiannopoulos gives a TV interview about how “real Americans” are caught in the crossfire between “left wing zealots.” As Captain America holds back Joaquin from engaging her, the Mexican-American superhero says: “I just saved your life! You better be thankful I took some white superhero’s job or you’d be like vaporized right now!” [emphasis in the original]
Wow, what a goof! Sam's the one who took was forced into a white guy's role, just as this new character was into his.
The comic’s writer, Nick Spencer, also helms the main Captain America series. He previously came under fire for turning Steve Rogers into a Nazi, with heavy criticism levied against him from the progressive left, as well apolitical readers who consider his heavy-handed politicization of the classic character unnecessary and unwanted.

The Marvel writer is clearly lashing out at his critics, perhaps unaware that his comics make him sound exactly like the social justice trio he created to be satirical—especially with his narration. In many ways, the narrative promoted by the issue is more insidious than the over-the-top Bombshells, intended to make his politics more palatable to the reader.
But they're not. However, if liberals are turning against Spencer, that's a good thing. Even Inverse, a leftist website themselves, was dismayed at this monstrosity. Whether or not Steve was brainwashed in the recent volume, Marvel's already demonstrated just how unreadable the scriptwriting is regardless.

Spencer's sunk very low again, but what's telling this time is that he's let the mask slip and demonstrated he has no respect for his own fellow liberals any more than he does conservatives.

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The more attention you give to guys like Spencer, the bolder and wilder they get. The easy solution is not to give any of your time on him no matter how much he pleads or begs. All your hatred and fury is just giving him more ammo and fuel to work with for future ideas.

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