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Saturday, March 04, 2017 

Simone boomerangs back on the bathroom bill rants

Even long after some LGBT activists themselves backed away from advocating that transgenders be allowed to use public bathrooms for the opposite sex, and proof was available that there are women who find it objectionable, Gail Simone still keeps up the unverified narratives that hurt women far more than helping them. It began with the following:

I was thinking the same thing about far-left activists like Simone, who repeat word-for-word the narratives of agenda pushers on the left, acting like everything they say is right, everything conservatives say is wrong, and acting as though rightists are the root cause of all evil.

And that's why even her rhetoric didn't work. It's also why she may not find much of an audience, female or otherwise, in the future if any self-respecting women who know her positions feel she's not speaking for them, and only obsessing herself over irresponsible standings. Just look at the downfall Target department stores took; does that not say something? She knows it does, but is the kind of leftist who has the ability to shut out all reason.

Oh, I'll bet she doesn't. She doesn't have the courage to name/link any of them because somebody might come back and say, "I think they have a point". Here's where she gets into the subject directly:

And what's that supposed to mean? That transgenders are saints? If "cisgenders" aren't, then neither are transgenders. But that's probably beside the point. What matters is that these steps have been enacted at the expense of women and children's safety in public facilities, without any proper steps taken to ensure safety and security. And that deranged predatory men pretending to be women or transvestites have exploited these approvals so they can stalk innocents. Suppose Eddie Berganza pulled stunts like this? But then, Simone's already suggested that matters little to her.

And predators, no matter their physicality/orientation, going into the bathrooms of the opposite sex and harassing/assaulting women in any way isn't invasive? What a disgrace. She deserved to lose any major jobs she had with the Big Two.

I don't think she believes a word of her own. I think she actually knows this is very risky position she's taking, but she's so full of herself, she just won't listen to reason.

Look who lives in denial. What matters is that there are deranged men exploiting the approvals to commit felonies in bathrooms. By the logic she's going by, even Theresa Saldana's attacker would've been fictional.

So she admits there's pretenders out there taking advantage of these terrible policies? Alas, doubtful.

Umm, who says transgenders can't use the bathroom pertaining to their actual, biological sex? Male transgenders are allowed to use the men's room and female transgenders the ladies' room. Point of fact: even if a man is born with seemingly feminine features, he's still biologically male, and a woman born with seemingly masculine features is still biologically female. The menfolk will never get pregnant and the women will. The transgender men will usually have an advantage in physical strength and the transgender women not as much.

You won't be helping them if you preach sainthood, Gail. Besides, who said the laws are only aimed against transgenders? They're mainly meant to protect against any biological man who's a predator.

Anyone who acts like sexual harassment and abuse don't exist in any way, shape or form has no business addressing the subject in the first place. Again, the point she's really obscuring is that the platform she's advocating is being promoted at the expense of women and children's safety, all without proper discussion of safety policies.

Oh, an advocacy for Obamacare, specially disguised as some kind of "issue". And these weren't the only crap she spewed out. There's also:

"Ottoman"? What's that supposed to be, a subtle insult to the Armenian victims of Medz Yeghern during WW1?!?

I'll say. So she still associates with the political movement that turned its back on sex abuse scandals and even shunned Wonder Women for petty reasons she was lending her own support to some time back. Not a very inspiring idea, I don't think.

Simone hasn't learned any lessons. And if not, then she was never qualified for the assignments she got in the past.

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Why aren't you more worried and skittish about a deranged transgender taking advantage of you, or men in general?

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