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Sunday, May 28, 2017 

Texas movie theater creates publicity stunt with women-only screenings for WW film

The Alamo Drafthouse movie theater in Austin, Texas decided to arrange a screening of the new Wonder Woman movie for women only, all so they could see if men would react angrily, and some apparently did exactly what they must've been hoping for:
Alamo Drafthouse announced a “women only” screening of “Wonder Woman” for June 6.

“The most iconic superheroine in comic book history finally has her own movie, and what better way to celebrate than with an all-female screening?” wrote the Austin-based theater. “Apologies, gentlemen, but we’re embracing our girl power and saying ‘No Guys Allowed’ for one special night at the Alamo Ritz. And when we say ‘Women (and People Who Identify As Women) Only,’ we mean it. Everyone working at this screening — venue staff, projectionist, and culinary team — will be female.”
Wait a minute. Does that mean only men disguised as women or who turn themselves into Christine Jorgensens are allowed to join the festivity? Okay, I'm not sure what they really mean here then, but under the rules they're setting, this would surely mean William Marston and H.G Peter, among other male contributors from DC's Golden Age would be barred from the screenings too, had they been alive today to see just how out of hand things are getting.

But what really disturbed me, however, was the news that a NY affiliate of the Texas theater, running a similar stunt, decided to donate to a certain nasty outfit:
...The Alamo Drafthouse in New York City has since added a women-only screening of its own, with all proceeds going to support Planned Parenthood.
Ugh! When a theater pulling a stunt like this intends to donate profits to an outfit that's hurtful to women, you know something's wrong. This is utterly shameful, and a slap in the face to any self-respecting women out there. In fact, there was a women in the comments section at EW who said:
Sorry but not cool - as other people have said, if there was a male only screening of a movie, there would be outrage everywhere. And you know what? Women (and yes, I am a woman) complain about being discriminated against - are you not doing the same thing when you have an all female audience? I would love to go to this movie with my husband and I truly think he would enjoy it, however, I wouldn't give money to an establishment that insists on excluding him, even for one or two evenings, and I know he would do the same for me if the tables were turned.

and @ Quirky - not ALL lawyers are soulless. I've been a paralegal for almost 30 years and have worked with a number of wonderful attorneys. Please don't judge an entire profession on some bad apples.
Another said:
What a smug, divisive and hypocritical marketing stunt. Wonder Woman's creator was a man. Most of the behind-the-scene staff who have worked on the WW movie are men. Some of WW's most loyal fans over the years (long before it was popular to do so) are gay men. Let's exclude them all from this screening in the name of "empowerment". Let's turn away all the little boys who have tagged along with their sisters/mothers/aunts to see this movie and call that a triumph of "equality".
And another had something to say about the outfit they're donating to:
Proceeds go to planned parenthood.... Because nothing says pro women like killing little girl babies in the womb...If you flip this script how many fat blue haired angry feminists would be screaming about the evil patriarchy? Hypocrisy thy name is regressive.
And there was another who chimed in on PP:
Just have to say I think it's also stupid that they have an only female showing cause honestly the majority of people seeing are probably going to be females anyway...And for those angry feminists and liberals this does sound hypocritical considering they're always crying "discrimination." I mean honestly, most females today have plenty of "equal opportunity" ie they can vote, work if they want, own houses, and have the same type of insurance and benefits as men. And the fact that sending the proceeds to planned parenthood means I definitely wouldn't go anyways. Planned parenthood is a horrible and nasty business that kills innocent babies just because of people's selfishness and cold-hardheartedness. And btw half of those babies are female...
The PP connection alone is the giveaway to the bad intentions behind this whole stunt. It's honestly not good publicity to have around for a movie that's supposed to be a big deal.

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Chris Pine didn't help matters:

“We’ve seen stories told through the male prism a lot. Men are not all that smart. We tend to want to kill each other all the time, so it’s nice to finally have a fresh, female perspective with important themes. To have a female superhero story that is about love and compassion and nurturing of life than the opposite is very important. At the heart of the movie, it’s about people falling in love and being passionate and being heroic. It’s a great lesson for everyone to learn instead of other movies where shit is blowing up all the time.”


I would have fine with that "logic" about Wonder Woman, except for that "Men Aren't That Smart" line. All it does is cause more open license to do more misandry than usual. Way to go, Pine.

Here's an interesting kerfuffle over a conservative libertarian who has decided he plans to attend the women's only showing:


So what? I'm pretty sure women have tried to sneak into men-only screenings in the past, what's so different about it this time, besides the fact that it involves a comic character?

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