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Saturday, June 10, 2017 

Marvel still won't let go of their Iceman retcon

Specifically, that he's now homosexual. Gizmodo is gushing over the new solo book that desecrates Bobby Drake for the sake of SJW agendas:
Iceman #1—by Sina Grace, Alessandro Vitti, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joe Sabino—is definitely a story about mirroring the lives of Iceman, original X-Men member, and Bobby Drake, recently out (well, in the warped time-frame of comics) gay man. It presents Bobby as a man who has one half of his life perfectly held together, while the other, altogether separate, is a simmering hot mess.
Oh, I've heard that premise before. What else is new?
...since Uncanny X-Men #600, Bobby has come to terms with living as an out gay man among his friends and associates, this side of himself is still relatively new to him and it’s bundled with all the awkwardness that that entails.
Plus all the insults to the intellect, and to the original material from the Silver/Bronze Age that established him as firmly heterosexual, including his crush on Polaris in her 1968 debut in the 50th issue of the first volume.
Iceman #1 is framed with narration depicting Bobby trying to fill out his first gay dating profile on whatever the Marvel universe’s answer to Tinder is, with a description that at first focuses more on the fact he’s an X-Men member rather than the fact he’s new to dating men. He’s also quietly jealous of his younger self who seems to have his life much more put together than he does—quickly honing his powers as a member of X-Men Blue and going steady with his Inhuman boyfriend Romeo, living the life the older Bobby desperately wishes he could’ve been living at that age.
Okay, I've heard enough. All this drivel and blather from buffoons who have no respect for famous figures of yore like Jack Kirby, let alone Stan Lee. I'm guessing the girl named Judy he had to defend from a trio of thugs in the 1968 origin story in X-Men #44 has no mention in this revision, and doesn't even exist in the current canon.

All this should serve to notify everyone that, if Marvel's staff think they can get away with their SJW-pandering, they'll milk it for all it's worth.

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Rhett Khan strikes again!
Those of us with memories remember that through the early ‘00s Bobby was firmly hetero.
Of course, glancing at the new X-Men Blue (or Gold?), they’ve changed the whole team.
Sad, very sad.

I don't know how many people in North America read comics, but I'm sure the numbers are low, and of those readers the percentage that is gay is probably also low. So who are things like this meant to appeal to? A minority within a minority is not a winning target. I would guess a move like this is as likely to put off as many fans as it appeals to.
Minorities of all types have far too loud a voice in todays society, and it is just exacerbated by the spineless libtards we find ourselves surrounded by.

I'm honestly amazed that a plot point has stuck around this long, especially in this day and age of quick readers and lousy memories.

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