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Wednesday, June 14, 2017 

Proof DC's still just as SJW-pandering as Marvel is

Comics Beat has an exclusive interview with Marguerite Bennett, the writer of DC's Bombshells series, an alternate universe take on several DC heroines as fighters during WW2, where she reveals they're going to be critical of America's internment of Japanese residents of the USA during the war, and even change the race of two notable heroines:
Indeed, the first arc of Bombshells United is all about failure– in particular, America’s failure to protect the rights of up to 120,000 Japanese Americans when the national government imprisoned them in internment camps for the duration of World War II. In Bennett’s exploration of Japanese American internment, she casts Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy, two characters who have carried the Wonder Girl moniker, as second generation Japanese Americans whose friends and family are being held against their will. While Cassie and Donna are not Japanese in the mainstream DC Universe, according to Bennett, these are her universe’s “definitive versions” of the characters.
The only failure here is recognition of the fact that there were Japanese enemy agents who infiltrated the USA at the time, and some were involved in attacks on the mainland. Yet Bennett's proving another left-wing ignoramus who won't consider the potential that enemy agents from imperial Japan could've been mingling within the crowd. And if she has no issues with interning Germans in the USA to avoid possible attacks on mainland soil, then I don't see why she does when Japanese are the focus.

And reading about the change of race for both Cassie and Donna, it's like retroactive SJW/diversity pandering set in an earlier time. Plus the fact they're exploiting established characters from past years for the sake of changing race and using them for political statements.
In sum, Bennett said “Japanese Internment needed to be addressed and kept current, especially in discussions of immigration policy and…you know, just watching history repeat itself.” Indeed, in the time between Bombshells‘ launch and now, American political rhetoric has begun to echo elements of its regrettable past. After last year’s presidential election results, Bennett began to see the whole series differently, which colored her approach to Bombshells United.
And when she alludes to the election of a Republican for president, that's when you know something's wrong. What's especially bewildering is how modern liberals/Democrats like Bennett don't ponder that Franklin Roosevelt, president at the time of WW2 and a Dem himself, approved many of the measures she's railing against, so if Japanese internment camps to prevent possible acts of violence are such a big deal to her, why doesn't she openly complain about how a liberal of yesteryear greenlighted a step she's allegedly against?

The most bizarre part of this subject is how people like Bennett don't take into account that a lot of Germans and Italians were also sent to internment camps at the time, as noted above:
But few people know that Executive Order 9066, signed by President Roosevelt, which permitted the roundup of Japanese and their American-born children, also paved the way for the arrest of Germans and Italians whom the FBI considered security risks and labeled as "enemy aliens." Indeed, the day before Roosevelt signed the order FBI agents had arrested 264 Italians, 1,296 Germans, and 2,209 on the East and West Coast. The hunt for perceived enemies was on.
If the Japanese experience is important to Bennett, why don't Germans and Italians matter? How are Japanese somehow entirely worthy of defense but not the two white nationalities?

On top of all that, this demonstrates that DC is still just as pandering to SJW minds as Marvel is, recalling how, after Identity Crisis in 2004, DC began replacing at least a few minor white heroes with characters of different race, starting with a black Firestorm, and even introduced a female take on Manhunter, the vigilante role originally co-created by Jack Kirby. Anybody who thinks Marvel's SJW pandering is bad should make sure to take a look at what DC does too, and not let them fall under the radar.

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Did you even read the first Bombshells series?

The government internment of Germans and Italians was not of the entire population of people of those descents, but rather of ones that the government thought were dangerous. That doesn't mean that they were right about all of the ones they interned (in England German Jews were interned together with German Nazis), or that the laws weren't used by some to settle old scores rather than to protect the country, but it was limited to only a portion of the German and Italian citizens of America. Dwight D Eisenhower and Marlene Dietrich did not spend the war years behind barbed wire, neither did Carmine Infantino, Frank Giacoia or Nick Cardy.

The internment of the Japanese was of just about all Japanese, with young kids stuck behind barbed wire for the duration. It is hard to find anyone today who will defend the decision to intern the Japanese; it is almost universally condemned by Republicans and Democrats as a product of racist jingoism.

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