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Saturday, August 05, 2017 

The new Muslim character on the Legends TV show came as a reaction to Trump's election

In an update on this earlier story, it turns out the episodes of Legends of Tomorrow on television is more politically motivated than previously thought. Variety says:
When “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” returns to The CW with its third season this fall, viewers will be introduced to a new superhero: a Muslim computer hack from the future named Zari Adrianna Tomaz, played by actress Tala Ashe.

Adding a Muslim character in the midst of the current political climate was no coincidence.

“You might have heard there was this election,” cracked executive producer Marc Guggenheim on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills. “Not to get political, but something that we all gravitated toward in the writers room was making this character Muslim.”
I'm afraid they they are getting political, and most shamelessly so. Their biased attitude is deplorable in the extreme, but certainly not a shock.
“Representation is a really powerful thing,” said Ashe, who plays the Muslim superhero. “When I was growing up watching television, I didn’t see anyone who looked like me. When I think of the kid version of myself, I think it broadens your perspective. What I think is so lovely about this show is that the Legends are this tapestry that represent America today.”
A most blatant lie. It doesn't represent America so much as it does represent the staff and cast's politics. The claim she never saw anybody who looked like her is laughably ambiguous, because there were and have been men and women who look Arabic on TV before, not to mention characters who dressed like Islamists. And also, remembering that this new character is supposed to be based on the Egyptian deity Isis, there have been characters who looked like the original Egyptians, who today are called Copts.
Stressing that the writers on “Legends of Tomorrow” make a point not to define a character by their race, religion, or sexual orientation, Guggenheim also said that his personal experiences inspired the decision to create a Muslim character this season. Sharing a story about his sister-in-law, who happens to be Muslim, the producer said, “She was talking about how difficult it is to be a Muslim-American in the current political climate. Having a character who’s a computer hacker and is from the future but also happens to be Muslim, it’s a nice, important aspect of her character.”
Complaining and acting like victims is pretty much all these people can think of doing. But this is certainly telling just what's wrong with their mindsets. Especially when they contradict their "point" by defining and emphasizing just what they say they don't.
Asked by a reporter how else global politics have influenced the upcoming season, Guggenheim said, “It’s not just politicians — a lot of the heroes of real life are letting us down.”

“We’re being let down as a society,” Guggenheim continued. “I think the reason why the audience and the creatives are gravitating toward superheroes is because it’s wish-fulfillment. They’re looking to find a little bit of hope and a little bit of escapism that quite frankly doesn’t exist.”
Because men like him care more about politics than entertainment. A lot of real life villains are letting us down too, not the least being Guggenheim himself. If memory serves, this was the same man who made a joke about Mary Jane Watson that was offensive. And just one example of the many TV/film producers and comic book writers who're letting us down too.

As one of the articles I linked to earlier noted, and is brought up again by The Wrap (via Breitbart), here's why they didn't name their take on the character Isis:
In her comic book roots, Zari’s alter-ego was Isis, after the Egyptian goddess. However, because of current events, it was decided that she won’t be taking the moniker.

“We just didn’t want the baggage,”
executive producer Marc Guggenheim said. “Especially given that we are doing a Muslim superhero, it was just like opening a can of worms.”
But changing the original creation into something she wasn't, isn't doing the same? I fail to see their logic here, and Guggenheim's excuses are pathetic. They're worried about the name of the Egyptian deity being confused literally with the Islamic terrorist group using an acronym that looks the same, and goes by the very ideology the producers' take on Zari goes by, yet they have no problem changing said character in Legends into somebody who adheres to what Islamic State goes by? Wow, they may not think so, but they're doing what some Islamists might want, even if the way Zari dresses in this cruddy TV show doesn't meet their standards (which is just why there's others who wouldn't approve, no matter how much the producers take their side).

I've seen people telling online that they've lost interest in the Supergirl TV series because it degenerated into leftist propaganda, and they'll likely have no interest in this embarrassment either that corrupts a character originally spun out of the Captain Marvel lore. They may claim otherwise, but it's clear Guggenheim and his TV staff aren't interested in offering real escapist entertainment.

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You can escape everything except their point of view. They have brainwashing to do.

It's "difficult to be a Muslim American in the current political climate"? And whose fault is that? It was probably difficult to be a member of the American Nazi Party during WWII.

That is assuming that it really is "difficult" for Muslims in the US. After 9-11, Bush parroted the PC party line that Islam is peaceful, and that terrorists are not really Islamic.

Under Obama, we had eight years of absolute dhimmitude. After the San Bernardino massacre, for example, the Attorney General threatened to "take action" against anyone who said anything that might be considered "anti-Muslim rhetoric." (BTW, the terrorists in that case had been observed behaving suspiciously, but neighbors did not report it, for fear of being accused of Islamophobia.)

More recently, a Muslim immigrant police officer in Minneapolis shot an unarmed woman, and the mayor responded by promising to protect the city's "Somali community" from a backlash.

I have heard of a few anti-Muslim hate crimes in the past six months. All were exposed as hoaxes.

If it really is too difficult for Muslims in America, they are free to go back to Crapistan. And I wish our leftist politicians and Hollywood producers would go with them.

Kathy Shaidle found a pretty good joke about this:


And +1 for the previous comment, plus I'd throw in the recent Grooming Gang scandals and the authorities' past inability to properly fight that. After all, being called "racist" is much worse than doing the job.

Stan Lee wrote four dozen years ago:

From time to time we receive letters from readers who wonder why the’s so much moralizing in our mags. They take great pains to point out that comics are supposed to be escapist reading, and nothing more. But somehow, I can’t see it that way. It seems to me that a story without a message, however subliminal, is like a man without a soul. In fact, even the most escapist literature of all - old-time fairy tales and heroic legends - contained moral and philosophhical points of view. At every college campus where I may speak, there’s as much discussion of war and peace, civil rights, and the so-called youth rebellion as there is of our Marvel mags per se. None of us lives in a vacuum - none of us is untocuhed by the everyday events about us - events which shape our stories just as they shape our lives. Sure our tales can be called escapist - but just because somethings for fun, doesn’t mean we have to blanket our brains while we read it!
Stan Lee

The crazy thing is there's no way a Muslim would ever call upon a pagan deity for power.

I feel sorry for the writers. If they put in minority character, they are taking a political stand. But if they put in only white non-denominational Christian characters, then that is a political stand too, presenting an alt-rightnik version of America that doesn't look at all like what ordinary Americans see when they walk down the street.

In World War II, America was at war with Nazi Germany; but even during that war, with all the anger against Germany, American-born Germans still were treated like citizens, serving in the army; there were German-American generals. It was Nazis who were evil, not all Germans. Today, America is involved in strategic alliances with Muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey; they are not at war with them. We outsourced torture to these guys. Saudi Arabia in particular has a long history of links with America; that is one reason the U S A was slow in recognizing the state of Israel in 1948.

No one is suggesting that ALL comic book heroes be sttaight white male Christians. Complaints have been about changing already-existing characters: a female Thor (instead of publishing a Sif or Valkyrie solo series), a black Captain America (instead of building up Luke Cage or the Falcon).

And Islam is an ideology, not a race or nationality. There were anti-Nazi Germans, but there are no anti-Islam Muslims.

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