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Saturday, October 28, 2017 

Detective Comics #967 brings back Brother Eye, as if we needed that botch again

Newsarama gives some insight to the 967th issue of Detective Comics, and wouldn't you know it, amid the whole ensuing time-warp jumble, there comes a form of technology Batman was seen developing in Infinite Crisis that we'd be better off without:
By the end of the issue, the DCU gets another Brother Eye. And, Conner Kent fans, there's also another mention of the old Kon-El - and this time, writer James Tynion IV and artist Alvaro Martinez offer a smidgeon of hope that Tim could remember Conner Kent after all.
The idea for Brother Eye derives from the Jack Kirby-created OMAC (One Man Army Corps) from the mid-70s, where it was a futuristic satellite powered system that turned the titular hero named Buddy Blank into a superhero. But writers like Greg Rucka and Geoff Johns took all the flavor out of it after they shamelessly remade it as a machine invented by Batman, in a storyline exploiting 90s writers' suggestions he was going insane, that culminated in the form of Infinite Crisis in the mid-2000s. We do not need this, and even the alternate timeline Tim Drakes featured in this idiocy only serve to make this more of a joke. If the cast in the Batbooks is supposed to be grounded in simple setting where serious science fiction is left in the background, then this kind of premise only takes away the ability to see this as an effort to make amends. Also, no matter how PC the new Batwoman is as a lesbian protagonist, it's still no excuse for the following:
Future-Tim used the hero's absence from this timeline to decide he could actually do something to change his future.

He decided to kill Batwoman (Kate Kane), whom he apparently blames for starting his world down the path to him becoming a jaded Batman who carries Joe Chill's gun and doesn't get along with his old friend Conner Kent nor his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie Brown.
This is already starting to sound utterly stupid, and some of the other details given in their rundown just compound the confusion. It's not all that different from some of Marvel's attempts to "fix" wrongs in the early 2000s like the awful Marvel Knights take on Captain America, which were undone soon after, as seen of recent.

If succeeding writers are smart, they'll avoid referencing this idiocy in their storylines, and continue Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain's stories from a point where they can avoid all the embarrassments they caused, such as War Games. This kind of sci-fi laden nonsense doesn't serve the Bat-cast well at all.

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I know this storyline. It stemmed from Tower of Babel, where Batman had countermeasures which he could use against his fellow Justice League members. This also spread to the Young Justice comic series, where Tim Drake had to retire following the revelation of his mentor's secret rubbing off badly on him.

It got worse from here on. After Identitiy Crisis, Batman came up with OMAC.Thus, the events of Infinite Crisis, where from what I hear, these robots went rogue and killed thousands of Amazons.

I believe all of this was to make Batman the Almighty God of the DC Universe. Most recently, he became a god, and now he is a metahuman. Not to mention all the top billing that he has got, even in the recent crossover with the Power Rangers comics series.

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