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Thursday, November 30, 2017 

Justice League movie relies on cameo by diversity-pandering Atom, not Ray Palmer

As if the screenplay for the panned Justice League movie wasn't bad enough, now it turns out the producers even had the gall to feature a reference and/or cameo by the Asian Atom conceived in the mid-2000s after Identity Crisis was used as a means of shaming Silver Age Atom Ray Palmer in order to get to that point. Cinema Blend's gushing over this propaganda trick with the following:
The Justice League is currently made up of six members in the DC Extended Universe, but just like in the main DC Comics mythology, there are others out there fighting evil. From Batgirl and Nightwing to Green Lantern and Shazam, there are many superheroes who are slated to debut in the DCEU over the coming years, but the Justice League movie snuck in a fittingly small Easter Egg for a benevolent character who hasn't been announced to appear in this franchise. During one of the moments spotlighting Cyborg, there's a quick reference to Ryan Choi, who's better known to DC Comics fans as the modern day Atom.
"Better known"? What a laugh. The title he starred in barely lasted 25 issues in the late 2000s, and he was an early product of social justice marketing, all because DC under Dan DiDio thought everyone was clamoring for Ray Palmer to be replaced without question, after they humiliated him and turned Jean Loring into a villainess in Identity Crisis, in one of the sickest storylines ever conceived. On which note, let's not forget the finale, where they even insulted victims of spousal abuse by writing a line where Jean invited Ray to hit her. It's not often you see such disgust in a modern day comic. Why should any sensible DC fan want to embrace the character straight off the bat after something so horrific?
...Whether Ryan will ever appear in person in this universe, let alone become The Atom, remains uncertain, but at least it's confirmed he's putting his scientific expertise to good use in this world.
If he's the character put in the Atom costume for a sequel, I won't be there, and already, this current movie's been panned widely anyway, so I don't see why they have to rub it in. Why is a SJW-developed Atom such a big deal, but not Ray Palmer, let alone Al Pratt, the Golden Age Atom?
Ryan Choi was introduced in 2006's DCU: Brave New World as the protege of Ray Palmer, the original Atom. When Ray disappeared, Ryan inherited the Atom mantle and fought evildoers as the shrinking superhero until he was killed by Deathstroke. Ryan was reintroduced in the DC Rebirth relaunch last year, where, like in the previous continuity, he became The Atom after Ray went missing (someone really needs to put a tracker on him) and is currently a member of the Justice League of America. Outside of the comics, Ryan's most prominent appearance has been in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series, and he will also be a downloadable character in Injustice 2.
This is very tellingly similar to how Marvel's marketed some of their own SJW-pandering, stealthing it in at the expense of the prior protagonists if they've been badly mishandled. Notice how they don't mention a word about all the circumstances leading to Ray's disappearance, which was very distastefully handled in the long run? The series starring the Choi character was practically laced with insults to Ray almost all the way, and that only enforced the stupidity, to say nothing of their trolling the audiences.

Even Screen Rant's acting like everything's hunky-dory:
Created by iconic DC writers Gail Simone and Grant Morrison, Ryan Choi debuted in 2006’s DCU: Brave New World. Originally from Hong Kong, Choi moves to Ivy Town to take up a teaching position after his pen pal and mentor Ray Palmer disappears. Eventually, he gains some of Palmer’s tech and becomes the new Atom, fighting crime with his size-changing abilities.

While the Easter egg is certainly just a fun shoutout, placing Choi at S.T.A.R. Labs versus Ivy University, it does hint at the direction that the DC Film Universe would take the character if he were to show up. The move makes sense, as Choi recently made his Rebirth debut in the comics with a suit quite similar to the one Brandon Routh wears as the Ray Palmer Atom on The CW’s TV series Legends of Tomorrow.
Really, it all "makes sense"? Does that mean it all made sense to tarnish Ray Palmer and Jean Loring so revoltingly in Identity Crisis? What absolute disgust. This practically makes me glad the movie was universally panned by many critics. Must I point out the costume worn by Choi in the recent Justice League comics is one of these absurdly trendy items that looks like plastic? One the commenters said:
Meh, Ray Palmer is more interesting as a character.
And another said:
I’d like to see the Ray Palmer character as The Atom up on the big screen as a member of the Justice league, but wearing the iconic costume the Atom (Ray P.) wore back in the 60s. Also, for the movies do the character as a serious one, not a wimpy goofball like on Legends.
The Silver Age outfit was much better designed, and Gil Kane didn't go out of his way to make it look like the plastic action figure style that artists like Jim Lee used for Superman in recent years, all the while omitting the red tights for the sake of PC tactics.

As noted earlier, while DC may have moved away from the atrocities committed during the mid-2000s in Identity Crisis, they're still hell-bent on shoving this SJW-pandering Atom down everyone's throats, and still making mistakes like depicting Ray Palmer in a poor light, to say nothing of leaving Jean Loring curiously absent from the proceedings so far. Let's be clear. We don't approve of the SJW tactics involving an Asian Hulk making nigh-stereotypical comments like "totally awesome Hulk", and by the same token, we don't approve of SJW tactics involving an Asian Atom either. I may have recently wanted to see the Justice League movie just for the hilarious sight of Henry Cavill's mustache being digitally concealed to the point of laughter, but this news is just so insulting to the intellect, I'd rather pass. Because in the end, it's all just a whole textbook example of how not to do a superhero movie.

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To be fair Ryan Choi isn't a bad character, as stupid as the reason for his origin is. He's better done than Riri Williams. I do agree that going with him over Ray is an odd move though. Yes, Ryan's been the Atom in the comics and cartoons but how many movie-going grown-ups (the target audience for the movies because Hollywood is as bad as modern comic creators when it comes to letting kids have superheroes) have seen Batman: TBATB? They most likely know him from The Flash/Legends Of Tomorrow and they went with Ray Palmer...in armor because despite being more open to costumes than, say, the guy making Gotham, they still get trapped in the "realism" bullhonkey.

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