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Thursday, November 16, 2017 

What creators have spoken about the Eddie Berganza scandal?

I looked to see what comics writers and artists were talking on Twitter about the scummy ex-editor at DC whom the top brass went miles out of their way to employ at all costs, providing him with many of the top titles like Superman and Wonder Woman. When I looked to see if Ron Marz - whose work on Green Lantern volume 3 Berganza served as co-editor for - had anything to say, Marz appeared to be silent, suggesting he's just too plain embarrassed to have a volume now tainted by two awful men, the other being Gerard Jones. However, Kurt Busiek did talk about the issue, beginning with the following:

He needn't apologize for posting the previous announcement in advance about Berganza, but he sure does need to apologize for condoning the notion of allowing men into women's bathrooms on the pretense that they're transgender, as though that immediately ensures they won't be crooks. Why, what if Berganza suddenly started barging into the ladies' rooms at the DC offices and claiming he was now a woman as justification? Would that be appropriate?

No, we want him to answer knowledgeably, because that's how to get informative insight. But I've got a feeling he can't do even that much, what with the kind of politics he supports. Let's also remember Kurt worked at Dark Horse under the oversight of Scott Allie when he was one of their leading editors, and he sure didn't seem to regret it.

What we want to know is his unambiguous opinion on creepy men like Berganza and Allie. To know if he actually supports ensuring a safe environment for women, and not just in the office, but also in public facilities like bathrooms. Without a firm position on the issues, he has no qualification to comment.

Not nearly as ignorant as Busiek's support for allowing transgender men into women's bathrooms. Tsk tsk.

Which Busiek failed to do when it came to Scott Allie and the public bathroom issues.

Umm, but he did once work for DC as a freelancer, if anything, for 5 years in the 2000s. And at a time when Berganza was employed very actively by Dan DiDio and company. Sure, a lot of writers could work at home, but many still visit the offices to work out various ideas and other subjects with the editors.

What about if Gal Gadot said so? Could he guess then? Gadot just verified that Brett Ratner's been taken off the Wonder Woman sequel project.

Still not good enough, and if he's joking, it's not funny in light of the allegations.

Another writer who commented was Jay Faerber, who says:

Fortunately, they have, but there's undoubtably more scum working there now who won't be booted without a major news scoop to precede it. The same obviously goes for Marvel.

Another writer who spoke up is Jeff Lemire:

If you do, then challenging query: do you also love the characters DiDio's crowd abused in the Identity Crisis miniseries from 2004? And do you abhor the misogynist angle they used in that disgusting book? There's a point we can make that, if DC could make light of serious issues like sexual assault in such a sick story, it can't be any surprise when they fail to get rid of men like Berganza sooner, and practically promote him to such high status.

There's also this awful editor who may or may not be working for them anymore named Andy Khouri:

Gee, in that case, why did this disgrace who once worked for the far left Comics Alliance website ever take the job of editing books like the new take on the Omega Men and Green Arrow? Say, what does he think of his former colleague at Comics Alliance, Chris Sims, who was harassing Valerie D'Orazio nearly a decade ago? I don't think he ever panned him for that any more than the rest of that dreadful site's staff, so why should we believe him now?

Ssuuurrreee he will. If he wanted to, he could've protested long ago. But he didn't. Don't take such an ultra-leftist at face value. Besides, as the following notes:

Obviously, he didn't condemn Harras (or DiDio), so there's an excellent point made. Let's now turn to another former DC employee, Janelle Asselin, who said:

The same could be said about his protectors, and the pretenders who're supposedly concerned. I'm sure there's grounds on which to sue them for failure to prevent a felony.

One more writer I found was a guy named David Gallaher, who said:

So long as men like DiDio are still in charge, and even Bob Harras, who apparently also enabled Berganza's behavior, I've got a sad feeling he won't be. I've also got an equally sad feeling we're going to be hearing about more writers soon at Marvel too, who turn out to be sexually abusive while the leadership puts up with it. The biggest problem is the silence of the writers, freelance or otherwise, who care far more about the jobs they can get than in protesting injustices within the medium proper.

Update: The Press of Atlantic City's got a podcast discussion of the recent sexual abuse scandals in Hollywood, and their conversation includes Berganza.

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The condemnation of sexual harassment in big business is long overdue, but it has a taint of hypocrisy to it. People have known for years about the guys doing this; they are rushing to condemn now only because of the changing climate of opinion. Berganza is not being fired because he has done anything new, but because it is no longer politic to keep him on.

The rush to condemn is always directed at the people on the other side. If you are a country club republican, you condemn Roy Moore. if you are a Trump-type golf club republican, you attack Franken but ignore Moore. It is not whether you are a sex abuser, but whether you are one of us or one of them. And that is why so many of the condemnations of Berganza, of Weinstein and the others, have a whiff of partisanship and game-playing to them. If it helps clean up the industry, that is great; but not all of the people leading the charge are virtuous.

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