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Thursday, January 18, 2018 

Putting panels from bad stories into Super Sons isn't helpful

Bleeding Cool shows that the 12th issue of a book from DC called Super Sons contains footage from several other books they'd published in the past, including, a sickening scene from Identity Crisis that's ill-advised if they really want to move away from bad ideas. The article says:
...For all you DC Comics fans upset that your own particular version of reality isn’t being reflected in the current DC Rebirth, here is a sop, if you will, showing you that all the stories are all there, even if they are out of reach of current continuities. They still remain on the shelf, and there’s the vague idea that one day there may even be a trip back, across the dimensional wildernesses.
Referencing any of these stories in this new one without making distinctions as to what could be good or bad does nothing to help DC's image, which they damaged nearly 14 years ago when they first put out that story making light of serious issues like sexual assault, for the sake of a metaphor for the "rights" of terrorists, recalling Peter Sanderson's argument the story made it look like the Justice League was running an operation like in abu Graib.

But then, I never expected DC to learn their lesson so easily, and what they've done in this miniseries proves they haven't. Furthermore, it's irritating if any alleged fans want a certain "reality" reflected in the latest renditions at all costs. That's very irresponsible coming from anyone who wants comicdom as a whole to be viewed positively by the wider public. I will say that, as superfluous as Crisis on Infinite Earths was in retrospect, merging two parallel dimensions in itself wasn't the worst thing that could happen, since most of the Golden Age heroes were kept alive, and those heroes who did die in the story at least had the dignity of exiting the mortal plane heroically, which is far more than can be said of how Hal Jordan got his curtain call in Zero Hour. That's why, apart from the misguided notion everything needs to go through a crossover to make it possible to do retcons, I'm not overly upset if DC decided to jettison some past storylines back in the Iron Age of comics, and it's not a good idea for other fans to be so either, so long as what comes afterwards is in good taste and they consider the older stories can still stand on their own as enjoyable reading, if they were good. At least one story element seen in the footage in Super Sons, by sharp contrast, is very repellent, and if I were in the shoes of those "fans" Bleeding Cool's alluding to, I'd be glad if such an ugly moment in modern superhero history of storytelling were dropped, because it won't give us fans a good image if the wider public thinks we're willing to accept everything, no matter how offensive it truly is.

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