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Wednesday, February 21, 2018 

Conway uses a tragedy as an excuse to attack the NRA

On the week of the terrible shooting by a deranged basket case in Florida at a Parkland school, Gerry Conway's sought an excuse to rail against the NRA, as though they're the sole one to blame for these awful cases:

No, we call you "ignoramuses", because you never complain about the poor quality of education, or whether parenting is competent. You don't complain how the legal guardians of the evil filth who committed the crime could have some blame of their own to shoulder.

So Time does a hit piece to defame the manufacturers, and Conway sends more hints he disowns the Punisher as a creation. He also linked to apologia for uncontrolled immigration:

Yep, no consideration for victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, not even in Europe. Has he even spoken to and interviewed any of the surviving victims of crimes such as that which occurred in Florida? Has he even spoken to their families? He doesn't even seem to appreciate that the US army gave special honors to the victims.

I think Conway should check his own errors, and/or those of his fellow liberals. Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Magazine has some info on how propagandists lied about statistics.

Sometimes I wonder if Conway's a badge of shame upon the comics industry he's never even made any effort of his own to help improve in marketing and recognition.

Didn't he mean to say a "pariah"? Because "parish" is a synonym for "county" in states like Louisiana. Conway might want to be careful, because sooner or later, even his own fellow liberals might consider him a pariah, after they think he's no longer useful to them. I have no doubt he despises the Fantastic Four story from 1989 where the NRA defended superpowers and superheroes as much as he surely must detest his own creation of Frank Castle. I once heard a lot of comedians are unhappy people, and the same may apply to comics writers too. Conway, for one, doesn't sound like he was ever happy he worked in comicdom in the past, or even now.

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In fairness to Conway, I would admit that the Punisher originally was a villain who fought Spider-Man (and, later, Daredevil and Captain America). In the mid-1980s, Marvel probably wanted to cash in on the market for tough, militaristic action heroes like John Rambo, so the Punisher became a full-fledged hero, with his own self-titled comic book and its spin-offs.

Conway, like the Clinton News Network and MSDNC, is chanting the mantras: "Trump," "NRA," and "AR-15." No mention of the groups on the killer's social media: BLM, Antifa, and "Freedom for Gaza."

Has Conway ever tweeted anything about Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw, Justine Damond, or Josh Wilkerson?

CNN'S Chris Cuomo said that no Republicans would agree to interviews after the massacre. But, in fact, CNN interviewed Ted Cruz about a bill he had previously co-sponsored (and that the Democrats blocked) to improve security in schools. The interview was never broadcast.

The Democrats oppose school security, they release dangerous criminals from prison, they release dangerous psychotics from mental hospitals, they bring in unvetted immigrants, and then they blame the NRA for crime and terrorism.

The leftists actually want a lot of mass shootings, preferably in schools, that they can exploit to promote their anti-gun, anti-freedom agenda.

It is cruel to blame the “legal guardians” of the shooter, who took
him in only three months ago after his adoptive mother died. If the U
S had the same kind of gun control legislation that Israel has, or
even the wimpy rules that Trump is proposing, a lot fewer
teen-agers would be dead right now.

I am encouraged by the fact that this post suggests that the NRA is at
least partly “to blame for these awful cases.”

The Fantastic Four story where the NRA defends the right to
super-powers was, by the way, an example of Walt Simonson’s sarcasm
and humor; it showed how absurd the NRA policies are. Ben Grimm made
clear that he was not normally an NRA supporter, and Reed Richards’
comments indicated that he was not a supporter either.

If the shooter was looking at sites like Black Lives Matter or Freedom For Gaza, it was because he was looking for information about people he wanted to shoot, not because he supported their cause. His social media postings included anti-black and anti-semitic messages: he talked about killing Mexicans, cutting the throats of black people, shooting gays in the back of the head, and hating Jews because they were out to destroy the world. He wrote that his birth mother was a Jew and that he was glad he never met her.

There were conflicting reports about whether he belonged to the Republic of Florida, a white separatist group. Originally, a representative of the group acknowledged he was a member and trained with them; later this was walked back, with the spokesperson saying he was confused, and the media attributed the error to an on-line hoax by some alt-right internet posters. The denials are generally being accepted by law enforcement, at least publicly, but it does seem a weird kind of hoax for anyone to want to play. White supremacists don’t generally try to take credit for school shootings.

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