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Friday, February 23, 2018 

DC's canceling quite a few titles, quite possibly to relaunch some of them?

No sooner did Marvel announce their plans for the umpteenth renumbering of several of their own series - a most ill-advised move after what the past decade has seen - now DC's announced cancellation of a whole cornucopia of their own titles:
Newsarama has confirmed that Justice League of America is ending with April's #29. This follows the recent confirmed cancellations of Trinity, Bombshells United, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, Supergirl and Super Sons. A source close to situation confirmed series writer Steve Orlando's run was ending, as was the volume as a whole, as part of May's weekly Justice League: No Justice weekly miniseries.
It does sound like a cancel-and-replace tactic, which has been done before. And there's a bit more:
No Justice co-writer Scott Snyder previously tweeted that JLA, Teen Titans, Titans would be "rolling into" No Justice but no one involved had said definitively if the titles were on hiatus or were definitelely cancelled. Given the new confirmation of JLA's end, the absence of Teen Titans and Titans from DC's May 2018 solicitations could signal those series' cancellations as well.

(Of course, given superhero comics they could be relaunched with a new #1 down the road...)
See, this is worth the worry - the likelihood they've been canned so they can renumber them afterwards, which only signals lack of confidence in their marketing. It also serves as a good hint the TV show based on Supergirl wasn't helping her solo book, mainly because of all the rabid leftist politics forced in, and even the comics may not have been immune to the same. I may have noticed signs the artwork fell victim to anti-sex social justice as well, which isn't good. Of course, the blame for that could easily be laid at the feet of Eddie Berganza, since his deranged personality might've influenced the slapdash production back in the mid-2000s, including a coverscan where it looked like Kara Zor-El's miniskirt was sliding off her hip.

Some commenters on the article had interesting notes to add:
I have to say I am glad JLA is being cancelled. It never seemed to know why it was there. Batman explained his reasons for wanting the team but not all the members fit that explanation nor did many of the missions they went on. It was implied he made the team to help prepare for a coming threat he sensed which was assumed to be Dark Nights Metal but the JLA were barely involved in that. They go looking for Ray Palmer who decides to stay put. It just didn’t seem to fulfill any goals it had.
And there you have another problem with the writing in this now canned volume. It served as little more than an excuse for continuing the use of the SJW-influenced Asian Atom, Ryan Choi, while Ray Palmer and Jean Loring remain kicked onto the curb under the confidence that abandoning Identity Crisis's directions alone will ensure nobody objects. Another guy said:
I'm not surprised that Super Sons is cancelled, Who was the book appealing to? If it was appealing to kids, It would probably appeal to the under 10years old crowd, because 10 year olds Don't want to read about 10 year olds. they want to read about an age group that they are ascending into. As far as Titans go, DC still doesn't really know what to do with Titans and Teen Titans to make it viable. Their continuity is still a little wonky and each puzzle piece doesn't seem to quite fit.
I think the notion of turning Superman and Lois Lane into parents may not be workable in long run. And another said:
Super Sons biting the dust worries me that Bendis is indeed going to write Jonathon Kent (current Superboy) out of continuity. If so, I'd be extremely pissed. Bendis could single-handedly undo all the goodwill stories that came out of Geoff Johns' original one-shot.
Umm, whether or not Bendis drops the current Superboy, it wouldn't be out of disrespect for Johns, since the two of them are little different, and both bad news. Oh, by the way, wasn't Dark Nights, metal or otherwise, an event itself, if not a crossover per se? Which just shows how DC keeps making the same errors as Marvel, and to sugarcoat that only ensures perpetuation of the huge mistakes that began with Secret Wars in 1984.

If Marvel's renumberings/relaunchings are the wrong way to appeal to new customers, then DC's own steps are obviously the same mistake. That and the recent addition of a writer who took Marvel down some terrible paths to their own list of contributors does not guarantee their output will have any long term appeal.

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