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Friday, March 30, 2018 

Fantastic Four's series returning...only to be scripted by Dan Slott

If it weren't for the assigned writers, the FF's return as an ongoing series would be wonderful in itself. But leave it to the pretentious operatives at Marvel to ruin everything with their choices:
A lot has happened in Marvel comics over the last few years. There was a second Civil War, major superheroes turned over their mantles to more diverse heroes (and then switched back), and Captain America even became a Nazi for a little bit. But there’s also been a keenly-felt absence in the Marvel universe of late, owing to the fact that the blockbuster 2015 event series Secret Wars (by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic) ended by removing the Fantastic Four from the playing field. But after a few years away, Marvel announced Thursday that the Fantastic Four will be returning in a new ongoing comic series this August, written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Sara Pichelli.
Very interesting. If you're somebody familiar with Slott's trolling attitude towards fans over the years when he was writing Spider-Man, along with his ill-treatment of Mary Jane Watson, you know this is little more than a slap in the face to everybody who thought it unfair to cancel the FF, allegedly because of movie rights conflicts. And even then, writing was already bad enough, what with hack writers like James Robinson being one of the last before Slott gets the reins to the revived series. This is just why it would've been better if the FF had remained in limbo, and it's angering how C.B. Cebulski and company are setting up a divisive situation instead of looking for other writers whose resumes aren't as tainted to take up the reins instead.

I also find that part about Steve Rogers become a nazi for "a little bit" quite insulting. Even if it was just for a year, that's still way too much, served to alienate many people, and precipitate the closure of over 50 specialty stores. The sensationalism Entertainment Weekly's resorting to is just what's wrong with their coverage.
One possible reason for the Fantastic Four’s much-anticipated return is Disney’s purchase of Fox, which is set to bring the Fantastic Four back under the Marvel Studios umbrella alongside the Avengers and the rest of the big-screen MCU heroes. It had previously been reported and rumored that Marvel originally cancelled Fantastic Four (and scattered the characters to the winds) due to Fox’s hold on the movie rights.
And that's why they're relaunching it now? Whatever red tape the FF were stuck in did not have to be, and only made Marvel's publishing arm look all the more laughable. A series' publication should not depend on whether a movie is successful or not (and the last one certainly wasn't), who has the rights to filming, and the way they went about it was, to say the least, embarrassing.
Last year, Slott wrapped up a run with artist Michael Allred on Silver Surfer, a character who was originally introduced in the pages of Fantastic Four and carried on that book’s sensibility of mixing cosmic discovery with emotional human relationships. Pichelli’s role on art makes Fantastic Four one of only a few titles in Marvel’s new “Fresh Start” initiative to feature a woman on the creative team.
If it weren't for Slott, this would be fine, especially if the lady is talented. But Slott proved himself one of the worst writers and PR representatives in Marvel's employ, and is decidedly not somebody to support.

The dispute to be had now is who and which writers Marvel's employing, and whether they're willing to seek different scribes than those they've employed for several years now. I'd wanted to note before, that Chris Claremont, if you still consider him worthy, is returning to write a story for the X-Men Wedding Special, but Marc Guggenheim is still the main writer, and he hardly makes it something to look forward to, after the bad ideas he put into X-Men: Gold. It's another sign nothing's truly changed at Marvel, and now, fandom has to make clear that the assigned writers like Slott and Spencer are not scribes we're interested in supporting. They really know how to spoil it all for anybody let down by the prior misuse of the FF, and it's enough to wonder if they should've remained in limbo after all.

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